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Photo: Florida House Democratic Caucus
Are these bongs “destructive utensils” that “destroy communities”? The Florida Senate thinks so.

​The Florida Senate has unanimously passed a bill that would ban the sale of glass smoking pipes at most stores that currently carry them.

Senate Bill 366 requires 75 percent of a business’s gross sales to come from tobacco products before they are allowed to sell bongs, water pipes and “air-driven pipes,” reports WJHG.
It passed the Senate unanimously, 36-0, on Wednesday.
Supporters of the legislation claim the pipes can be used to smoke illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine.
The proposal could hurt some businesses, like Condom Knowledge in Panama City Beach.

Graphic: Proud Smoke

​Most major candidates for California attorney general are lining up against the state’s marijuana legalization initiative, reports Seth Hemmelgarn at Bay Area Reporter.
Even supposedly liberal, but quite spineless, Democratic candidates disagree with those who say it’s time law enforcement got out of the marijuana business.
“As a career prosecutor, I believe that drug selling harms communities; it is not a ‘victimless crime,’ as some contend,” said San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, who is running in the Democratic Primary for California attorney general.

Photo: The Patriot-News
“That’s a good boy… We wont let those mean old potheads talk to my good boy anymore, no we won’t…”

​A Florida man has been charged with striking a police animal for telling a drug dog to “sit.”

Mario Duane Porter, 21, of Gainesville, was charged last week with “striking a police animal” (which supposedly includes “interfering with a working police animal”), disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia and refusing to sign a citation for violating the city’s noise and window tint ordinances, reports Karen Voyles of The Gainesville Sun.
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