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​Police in Florida said a McDonald’s customer who ran short of cash tried to pay for his cheeseburgers with marijuana and prescription drugs.

Oh, and dude was in a car he’d just stolen, too.

Alexander Lemke, 20, of Palm Harbor, Fla., must have had a king-hell case of the munchies.
The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office claims Lemke broke into a neighbor’s home at about 1:25 a.m. on Friday and left in their 2005 Toyota Solara, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

Photo: WTHI
After a Tuesday morning traffic stop on I-70 in Indiana, police said they discovered 600 pounds of marijuana in a semitrailer

​A traffic stop on Interstate 70 in Indiana turned into a big marijuana bust.

Around 9:30 Tuesday morning, an officer stopped a semitrailer going east on I-70 in Putnam County, Indiana; police said the ensuing search uncovered 600 pounds of pot, reports Lindsay Stalf at WTHI.
Officers claimed they found nine bags of marijuana “with a street value of $600,000.”
Attempts to learn just who these officers think would give a thousand bucks a pound for Mexican schwag were unsuccessful.
The 51-year-old driver, Emanuel Joseph Edwards of North Carolina, was unceremoniously thrown into the Putnam County Jail.

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​After police caught a New Mexico man ordering marijuana from California, they claim he told them the proceeds were going toward higher education.

A police-traced “controlled delivery” to Albuquerque resident Louie Duran, 34, contained about eight pounds of marijuana. Detectives arrived at Duran’s residence and saw him standing with another man, later identified as Andrew Vega, 27, reports Blair Shiff of KRQE.
Police allege that Duran said “Booya!” when the undercover narc walked up with the pungent package.
The officer approached Duran and confirmed his identity. Duran signed a FedEx form acknowledging receipt of the package, according to police.


​A California Superior Court judge on Wednesday issued a ruling allowing the city of Lake Forest to shut down all medical marijuana dispensaries. An attorney representing the city said the ruling could eventually shut down every dispensary in California.

Jeffrey Dunn, an attorney who is representing Lake Forest, wasted no time in issuing an over-arching, hubristic crow of victory, saying that he believes Chaffee’s ruling could eventually force the closure of all marijuana dispensaries in the state.
The ruling only applies to Lake Forest for now, because it is only a trial court decision. Dispensaries located in the city limits will have to close down immediately unless they get a temporary stay.

Photo: KOMO News
Guy Casey, North End Club 420: “I’m calling for everybody in the medical marijuana community to stand behind us”

​Law enforcement officers served three warrants Tuesday morning in their attempt to shut down a Tacoma, Washington-based medical marijuana dispensary, North End Club 420.

The warrants were served at two Tacoma addresses — a home and an office building — and an Olalla home, according to the West End Narcotics Enforcement Team (WestNET), reports Stacey Mulick of The Tacoma News Tribune.
The multi-agency WestNET force, which focuses primarily on Kitsap and Mason counties, claimed it had been working on the case since January with the help of undercover snitches.
The North End Club 420 is one of three new medical marijuana dispensaries in Tacoma.

Photo: Los Angeles Times
It’s the beginning of the end for hundreds of Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries.

​Hundreds of Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries are being told they must shut down to comply with a recently passed city law.

More than 500 letters are expected to be mailed Tuesday to pot shops across the city, where hundreds of dispensaries opened in recent years as city officials struggled to approve a local regulatory ordinance, reports the Associated Press.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signed the ordinance on Friday that sets fees for dispensaries to remain open if they meet the new, stricter guidelines. About 187 dispensaries — all shops that opened before the council imposed a moratorium — have six months to comply.

Photo: Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star
Neev Tapiero, owner of the CALM compassion club in Toronto, still faces trafficking charges

​Marijuana trafficking charges against eight volunteer staff members of a Toronto compassion club were stayed Monday morning.

Cannabis As Living Medicine (CALM), which was raided on March 31, sells medical marijuana to patients suffering from chronic diseases. Club owner Neev Tapiero still faces trafficking charges, reports Katie Daubs at the Toronto Star.
“This is a big win for the cause,” said lawyer Ron Marzel. “It’s also the right thing to do. If the government takes issue with a compassion club they should have that fight with Neev.”

Photo: Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
Samuel Collins: Can I get fried with that?

​When a Pasco County, Florida sheriff’s deputy walked towards Samuel Collins’ Honda Del Sol about 2:30 a.m. Saturday, Collins had a bag of marijuana in his mouth, the deputy reported.

Turns out that was just the appetizer. To help swallow the baggie, Collins, 28, grabbed a double cheeseburger with both hands and started “shoving the burger into his mouth,” according to officers, reports Drew Harwell at the St. Petersburg Times.
The deputy stopped Collins after seeing a McDonald’s bag fly out the window. As he approached the stopped car, he yelled for the occupant to “spit it out,” but the deputy said Collins continued to chew and swallow until he grabbed the suspect by his left arm and pulled him to the ground.
At that point, Collins spit out the baggie and a small, clear wrapper of marijuana. The deputy also found a joint on the passenger seat of Collins’s car, according to the police report.

Dumb cop smirks with High Times, part 1,536: Constable Anna Plowman shows off copies of that “dangerous” magazine seized at a New Zealand shop that was the subject of a search warrant Tuesday.

​A nationwide “drug bust” went down in New Zealand Tuesday, as police shut down all 16 branches and the distribution center of hydroponic cultivation chain Switched On Gardener.

Hundreds of people ranging in age from 20 to 60, including customers of the stores, were arrested, with many facing charges for selling equipment for growing marijuana, reports the New Zealand Herald.
Police raided 35 businesses and homes throughout the country as part of a two-year undercover police investigation code-named Operation Lime. The bust targeted businesses and individuals selling equipment which the officers claim is used for growing cannabis.
Police seized records showing who was buying the growing equipment, then launched more stings to catch suspects in the act of growing and selling cannabis.
Police Minister Judith Collins congratulated officers on shutting down what they claim is a major source of equipment for commercial marijuana growers. Collins claimed Tuesday’s arrests would send a strong message to those who “tried to produce drugs in New Zealand” that they would be caught.

Photo: The Inquisitr
“What poop?”

​A medical marijuana activist and grower has accused King County Sheriff’s detectives of smearing feces in his Kirkland, Washington home during a search last month.

Steve Sarich said this week that deputies searching his house March 15 “smeared human excrement (poop) on the wall behind his bed and nightstand,” according to a press release from the Sheriff’s Department, reports Joyce Chen of The Tacoma News Tribune.
​The allegations were made in emails sent by Sarich to the Sheriff’s Office on April 2 and April 5, the department claimed in a press release.
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