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San Diego based Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) is commonly regarded as being the first publicly held company to deal openly in the hemp and marijuana markets. Promoted as a sort of ‘one-stop-shop’ for marijuana, hemp, and hempseed oil based products, services, and development, their product line focuses primarily on the benefits of CBDs, or cannabinoids, and what they hope are new, innovative, and popular ways to ingest them. MJNA prides itself on its “range of over 85 proprietary and patented cannabinoid ‘delivery methods’ that are more ‘socially and medically acceptable’ than typical industry methods.”

“Licensed medical practitioners should not be punished for recommending the medical use of marijuana to seriously ill people, and seriously ill people should not be subject to criminal sanctions for using marijuana if their medical professionals have told them that such use is likely to be beneficial.”
That was the message Tuesday of nearly 250 Illinois doctors to legislators considering passing House Bill 1, which would allow for medical marijuana use in the Land of Lincoln.

Mother Jones
Fuel, food, shelter, healing, and spiritual enlightenment — the amazing cannabis plant it does it all!  

Marijuana Spring 2013, Part 2

By Ron Marczyk, RN

Marijuana legalization for personal use is just the start. This vote also frees medical marijuana research, hemp farming, and a return to a hemp-based economy that will play a vital part in reversing the coming man-made environmental disaster.
Marijuana prohibition criminalizes the use of the safest, most versatile plant known to man.
Marijuana prohibition is in large part a cause of global warming.
Marijuana prohibition has stopped 75 years of human progress; it is an idea that will be thrown on the scrap heap of history.

By Ron Marczyk, RN

Part 1: Civil Liberties and Personal Freedom

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” ~ Gandhi
November 2012 will go down in history as the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition. What a fantastic way to end the year on such a high note!
The government has fought a 75-year war to eradicate a plant that has served humans well since the dawn of civilization and has lost not just a battle but a war, has wasted in blood and treasure over a trillion dollars, and has destroyed millions of lives.
The War On Marijuana is over, and marijuana has won! We voted, and marijuana use now must be considered a human right. 

State of New Jersey Department of Health

New Jersey’s Health Department has apologized after an email from the department included the visible email addresses of all recipients — revealing the email addresses of medical marijuana patient in the state. The department claimed it was taking steps to prevent the error from happening again.

Toke of the Town originally broke the story on Tuesday after registered New Jersey medical marijuana patient Susan Sturner let us know about the email which violated the privacy of patients.

Sure smells good up in this squad car, officer.

The Seattle Police Department on Tuesday announced that due to the recent legalization of marijuana in Washington state, job applicants will no longer be disqualified for using cannabis in the last three years — now it’s just a one-year period in which you are required not to have gotten high.

This is a big change; it makes the SPD the first police department in Washington to modify its hiring process due to marijuana legalization, reports Matt Driscoll at the Seattle Weekly.

Beacon News

New Plan Kowtows To Law Enforcement; Ignores Patients

Canada is changing the way citizens there can access marijuana for medical purposes, it was announced Sunday. The changes were made at the suggestion law enforcement officials, and seemingly without consulting medical professionals or patients at all.

“Current medical marihuana regulations have left the system open to abuse,” claimed Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq. “We have heard real concerns from law enforcement, fire officials, and municipalities about how people are hiding behind these rules to conduct illegal activity, and putting health and safety of Canadians at risk.
“These changes will make it far more difficult for people to game the system,” Aglukkaq claimed.

Team Vendetta

Online marijuana legalization group Team Vendetta, working in concert with the shadowy hacktivist collective Anonymous, has announced the “aPOTcalypse,” which is what it is calling a new phase of direct action against cannabis prohibition.

“When Team Vendetta joined the legalization movement, one of the things that we wanted to accomplish was to bring something new to the movement,” our source in Team Vendetta told Toke of the Town on Monday afternoon. “Also, we have noticed the polarization of the 420 community due to infighting, so the team wanted to develop something that would help bring the cannabis community back together again to fight the war on cannabis oppression as one.
“We would like to give the 420 community an online voice and the power to protest on a different level,” our source told us. “Anonymous is actually one of the newest and truest democracies, due to its collective decisions. Its own checks and balances ensure that Anonymous is just not another bully, but rather a collective conscience as a whole.”


My friend Daniel Boughen has a green thumb, and he comes by it naturally. With a family history of organic horticulture, this British Columbia resident had a solid foundation when he began growing cannabis, the world’s most medicinal plant.

Medical Growing: A Garden of Peace begins by ably pointing out the evil folly of the tragic War On Drugs, contrasting that with the numerous social, medicinal and economic benefits of cannabis and industrial hemp. Boughen shows a keen consciousness of the forces currently impacting the marijuana community, including the impending danger of corporate control.
In what I personally believe to be one of the most crucially important sections of the book, Boughen contrasts the corporate model of legalization with a more community-centered model. Daniel spares no words in condemning those who would make marijuana just another tool for big corporate profits.
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