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​Man Posing As Police Officer Seizes 12 Pot Plants, $500, Gun

Fake, fake, fake the police?

A Michigan man told police a suspect posing as a police officer made off with his marijuana plants, a gun, and $500 at about 2 p.m. on Friday, according to police reports.

The victim told police he saw two vehicles pull up to his home in Flint, Mich., reports Laura Misjack at The Flint Journal.
A 65-year-old man first knocked and asked to see a woman who didn’t live there. The victim said he told him the woman didn’t live there and shut the door.
Then the man knocked again, this time claiming to be a police officer.

Julio Garcia, 20, was charged with child endangerment and marijuana possession.

​Two Texas parents are out on bond Wednesday morning after being arrested for giving marijuana to their one-year-old son.

A witness said Julio Garcia, 20, of Grapevine, Texas, was in his apartment smoking pot from a bong, then putting the bong up to the mouth of his 13-month-old son, who was sitting in his lap, according to police.
The mother, 19-year-old Brenda Duran, was also in the room but did not try to intervene, police said, reports Dawn Tongish of The 33 News.
Police took the baby to a local hospital and released him to the custody of his grandparents, according to The child will reportedly “undergo testing.” He is, of course, expected to be fine.

Photo: KSDK
The 19-year-old mother said this photo is a joke, and that she doesn’t allow her child to smoke pot.

She may have to put those Mother of the Year dreams on the back burner for awhile.
A Keystone Heights, Florida woman allegedly took a photo of her 11-month-old baby holding (and seemingly hitting) a bong, and then had the monumental lack of judgment to post the picture on the Web.
After the photo sparked online outrage, the Florida Department of Children and Families has launched an investigation, reports KSDK.
The 19-year-old mother was quoted by numerous Jacksonville, Fla., new sources as saying the picture was a joke, and that she doesn’t let her child smoke marijuana.

If you plan on stealing James Tillman’s marijuana, you’re going to need more than three guys.

​They’re not going to get James Tillman’s weed.

Tillman, 67, on Sunday shot and wounded one of three burglars who broke into his Sacramento, California home to steal his medical marijuana, reports Elyce Kirchner of
The other two fled and haven’t been seen since.

Mr. Tillman was definitely having none of their nonsense. After all, his grandkids were at home.
Tillman was in his bedroom when the intruders tried to go all gangster on him, but he wasn’t trippin.’
“We went back and forth and I shot him,” Tillman said. “They just didn’t give a damn. They knew we were in here, with the lights on, and with kids.”