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The driver of a hearse filled with 68 pounds of marijuana told federal agents on Saturday that he had taken up smuggling because his Tucson funeral-services business “had been slow.

Christian Lee Zuniga, 28, a U.S. citizen from Nogales, Arizona, was arrested after agents became suspicious of him and his hearse and found the pot, court records show.

This is actually the second headline-making smuggling failure for Zuniga.

The Phoenix New Times has the full details.


Americans are no longer safe to cultivate common garden vegetables without risking the violent wrath of the drug war. No other citizen understands this lunacy quite like Georgia resident Dwayne Perry, who told reporters at WSB-TV that he was raided by drug agents earlier last week after an aerial surveillance unit mistook his okra crop for marijuana.
That’s right — it appears as though Georgia law enforcement has not had enough experience taking down marijuana grow operations to distinguish the difference between okra and the cannabis plant.
Jim Greenhill via Flickr.

In southwestern Arizona, along a lonely stretch of Highway 86, lay the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation and the tiny village of Pisinemo. The village itself, home to only about 250 full-time desert-dwelling residents, is actually known by the locals as Pisin Mo’o (or Buffalo Head), but somebody at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division blew it when they made the road signs, forever giving it the bastardized version now in use.
It was on the western edge of Pisinemo, on a cold fall night four years ago, on November 12, 2008, where U.S. Border Patrol Agents Dario Castillo (25) and Ramon Zuniga (31) finally caught up to the prey that they had been hunting throughout the night, a group of four suspected drug smugglers. The four men were suspected to be in the country illegally, part of a larger group of smugglers that had scattered earlier in the night, leaving behind an alleged $600,000 worth of weed.


An exclusive report released today by Reuters outlines a long-running campaign of the federal government knowingly withholding evidence in numerous cases involving the DEA, and a highly classified multi-agency wing of the DEA known as the Special Operations Division (SOD). By withholding the true sources of their investigations, critics contend that defendants’ rights to a fair trial are being compromised daily.

Des Humphrey (right) with Dutch coffeeshop entrepreneur, Nol Van Schaik

By Chris Bovey
Frequent travelers are used to heightened security at airports these days. It’s standard practice for hand luggage to be x-rayed and to have to walk through a metal detector. But British army veteran and medicinal cannabis activist Des Humphrey, got more than he bargained for last weekend when he arrived at Bristol Airport in England to fly to Amsterdam to attend the 25th anniversary of the Birdy Coffeeshop in Haarlem, invited by owner Wilco Sijm.
After Des’ bags had been x-rayed, the UK border staff then emptied their entire contents, rummaging through all his clothes, checking the pockets and performing swab tests on them. His wheelchair was given a full once over: checking the wheels, under his seat, every square inch. Des himself was fully patted down and his pockets were emptied.
When they had finished and Des thought he was finally on his way, he was then stopped again by a British policeman who informed him the border agency staff were looking for cannabis and proceeded to question him on his cannabis usage. Well, those who know Des Humphrey also know that he is more than happy to talk about cannabis and, as you might expect, ended up having a nice chat with the police officer.

Proud storm troopers: Cocky federal agents outside Oaksterdam University on Monday morning

“Confirmed RAID currently happening at Oaksterdam University – DEA and IRS. Please come show support, bring signs, get the word out. 1600 Broadway and 1776 Broadway Oakland!”Sacramento Americans for Safe Access (Facebook status update, 8:20 a.m.)

Oakland’s Oaksterdam University, famed as the first and probably biggest institution of cannabis education, was taken over by federal agents on Monday morning.
Toke of the Town was able to confirm reports Monday morning that owner Richard Lee had at first been detained in his apartment by federal agents. He was reportedly released around 10 a.m.
Officers wearing U.S. Marshals, Internal Revenue Service and Drug Enforcement Administration jackets swarmed over the Oakland medical marijuana teaching facility at the corner of 16th Street and Broadway before 8 p.m. Monday morning, reports NBC Bay Area. Yellow “crime scene” tape was keeping everyone away.

NBC San Diego
Medical marijuana patient advocates protest outside Golden West Collective on Thursday as it is raided by DEA agents and San Diego Police.

​Federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided three medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego at exactly 4:20 p.m. on Thursday, acting on a “landlord law” that was put into action after a crackdown announced by the U.S. Attorney’s office last October.

Landlords who rent to dispensaries were warned to evict their tenants are face prosecution and forfeiture of their property, reports Tony Shin at NBC San Diego.
Dozens of heavily armed agents with battering rams raided Golden West Collective on University Avenue in North Park on Wednesday, with the dastardly assistance of the San Diego Police Department and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, acting contrary to the wishes of voters and in violation of California state law. Masked gunmen swarmed into the medical facilities, forcing ailing patients to the floor and breaking down doors and smashing windows.

West Seattle Blog
DEA agents swarm the G.A.M.E. Collective Lounge in White Center. Agents who performed surveillance felt that the patients didn’t “look sick enough.”

​​Need To Be Evaluated For Medical Marijuana? The DEA Can Tell If You ‘Deserve’ Medical Pot — From A Distance! With No Training!

The spectacle of federal and local law enforcement agents wasting large amounts of cash in Washington state while investigating medical marijuana dispensaries, of all things, just got several orders of magnitude more absurd and maddening.

The agents, who evidently have no serious crime to investigate, spent weeks staked out at various dispensaries across western Washington, watching from afar as patients came and went with medical marijuana. Not a big shocker. That’s what happens at dispensaries; patients get pot.

Bob Strong/Reuters
Bolivian President Evo Morales: “They repressed us in Bolivia. That has ended.”

​The president and vice president of Bolivia both said this week that American drug agents will not be returning to their country, despite the newly announced normalization of diplomatic relations with the United States.

Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Tuesday during a regional summit in Bogota, the Colombian capital, that it is a question of “dignity and sovereignty,” reports Vivian Sequera at the Huffington Post.

Screen Shot 2011-08-25 at 10.09.13 AM.png
Photo: Steve Sisney/The Oklahoman
Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics buffoons, I mean agents, rappel from a helicopter, supposedly to show off “pot-fighting techniques” on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, in Norman, Oklahoma.

​File under “This is just sad.”

Gung-ho but none-too-bright agents from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs this week showed off to media and politicians the “tactics and techniques” they use to supposedly “eradicate” marijuana crops in their state.
“You mean besides just chop the fuckers down?” you may reasonably be asking. Just shows how damn little you know about this here mary-ju-wanna, there, hippie!
This stuff is serious and dangerous. You can’t just walk up all casual-like and uproot the shit. Oh, no. You’ve gotta sneak up on it, or maybe drop out of the sky.
You need a multi-million dollar helicopter and a military-style team all Rambo’d out in the finest assault gear. You need these heroes rappelling from that helicopter going after those horribly dangerous weeds. Takes a true hero to do this shit, doncha know!
The OK Bureau of Narcotics has been working out of Norman, Oklahoma all week, flying as far north as Guthrie, south to Pauls Valley, east to Shawnee and west to El Reno, according to spokesman Mark Woodward, reports NewsOK.
Agents start searching for the cannabis crops in June and continue sweeps until the first freeze, according to Woodward.
“It’s something we’ve done in the late summer since the late ’80s,” Woodward said.
Consider for a moment the vast stacks of taxpayer dollars these morons have pissed away playing Army.
The Bureau of Narcotics found and “eradicated” about 200,000 plants during their summer sweeps when they started about 20 years ago, Woodward said, but these days it’s more like 20,000 to 30,000 a year. (Likely explanation: When the Bureau started its “eradication” program 20 years ago, they were going after Oklahoma’s vast fields of feral hemp; after they got all the easy pickin’s, the annual plant count went down.)
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