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Houston rapper Paul Wall and Baby Bash might as well volunteer to be DD’s this New Year’s Eve, because on Tuesday, a judge ordered that they not drink alcohol or do any drugs as part of their bond conditions. Just before Christmas, the rappers and several others were arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and possession of THC with intent to deliver, both felonies.

Each told a judge that he would not pass a drug test if made to pee in a cup.

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First Coast News
Nicole Marie Killeen, 24, was jailed after her one-year-old daughter tested positive for marijuana. Charges were dropped on Tuesday.

​A Florida mother was jailed on a child neglect charge after her baby tested positive for marijuana, but the charge was dropped on Tuesday.

The one-year-old child of Nicole Marie Killeen, 24, tested “positive for marijuana” at Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla., on September 3, according to the Jackonville Sheriff’s Office, reports Jessica Clark at First Coast News.
A sheriff’s deputy went to the home where the mother lives with her daughter. One marijuana plant and cannabis buds were found in a closet, according to the report, and marijuana seeds and a pipe were allegedly found in the kitchen.

Photo: Daily Mail

​A new father in Pennsylvania is facing marijuana charges after he lit up a joint — instead of a cigar — to celebrate his child’s birth at Uniontown Hospital Tuesday morning.

Police didn’t release the man’s name, but said he was found smoking pot in the designated smoking area of the hospital, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He will face marijuana charges, according to authorities.
A nurse smelled the marijuana when she took a cigarette break in the same area. She said she saw two men in the smoking area, but did not see either smoking cannabis.
A hospital security guard called police about 3:20 (oh man, not 4:20?) a.m., according to Uniontown Police Sgt. Jonathan Grabiak.

Marijuana was found stashed in a baby's diaper in Waco, Texas. The infant's father, David Shepherd, was arrested on Saturday.jpeg
Photo: Orlin Wagner/AP
Marijuana was found stashed in a baby’s diaper in Waco, Texas. The father, David Shepherd, was arrested on Saturday.

​A young Texas father was arrested after a worker at his daughter’s daycare found marijuana stashed in the girl’s diaper.

The daycare, Waco Child Development Center in Waco, Texas, called police to report the find, reports CBS News Affiliate KWTX.
Police said the father must have hidden the small baggie of marijuana in the diaper and then forgot about it.
When a worker started the change the girl’s diaper, the cannabis was found.
Police arrested 23-year-old David Shepherd on Saturday.

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Photo: KSDK
The 19-year-old mother said this photo is a joke, and that she doesn’t allow her child to smoke pot.

She may have to put those Mother of the Year dreams on the back burner for awhile.
A Keystone Heights, Florida woman allegedly took a photo of her 11-month-old baby holding (and seemingly hitting) a bong, and then had the monumental lack of judgment to post the picture on the Web.
After the photo sparked online outrage, the Florida Department of Children and Families has launched an investigation, reports KSDK.
The 19-year-old mother was quoted by numerous Jacksonville, Fla., new sources as saying the picture was a joke, and that she doesn’t let her child smoke marijuana.


​It was inevitable: When the Baby Boomers hit middle age, they brought along their buds and bongs. Americans over age 50 are using marijuana in record numbers, according to new survey data.

And those numbers are going to go even, well, “higher,” the government admits.
“High rates of lifetime drug use among the baby boom generation (persons born between 1946 and 1964), combined with the large size of the cohort, suggest that the number of older adults using drugs will increase in the next two decades,” the study says.

Marijuana use was more common than the “non-medical” use of prescription-type drugs both for adults 50-54 (6.1 vs. 3.4 percent) and those aged 55-59 (4.1 vs. 3.2 percent). This shouldn’t come as a great surprise; after all, it stands to reason that folks this age, with a wealth of life experiences on which to base decisions, would make safer choices.
desert_rubyHerbert Fuego

The realization hit me like a depressing hailstorm: I’m old. It wasn’t the receding hairline, or the weird looks that college Chads and Beckys gave me after I accidentally bought (and used) student tickets to a Colorado State University basketball game. It’s the pain. Oh, baby, do I hurt. Both elbows, a shoulder and a wrist from getting hit by various things with wheels or legs over the past few months. Sleeping on my neck wrong or walking a couple of miles in Vans can make the next day a pain in the ass.

This new, never-ending fight with a slower healing process rekindled my interest in high-CBD strains, which I’ve generally avoided after discovering some trustworthy CBD oils in an effort to curb my smoking. And let’s face it: CBD strains generally smell and taste like booty. Finding one that doesn’t smell like an old sock can be a challenge. However, there are some tastier exceptions, like Terrapin Care Station’s Wife Lemonade, or Desert Ruby, a Colorado creation that has been flying under my nose for at least three years.

cherry_creekHerbert Fuego

Most words used to describe cannabis smells are terms that only a pothead would love. Generally, people don’t want to hear “skunky,” “diesel” and “dank” associated with their food, drinks or even tobacco. But hand over a nug that smells like a Gerber baby dump wrapped in burnt rubber, and stoners freak out.

Finding beauty in musty flavors isn’t new for cannabis lovers, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to see Garlic strains catapult in popularity. Unlike gasoline and a skunk’s butt juice, garlic actually has a place in my kitchen. And not only do Garlic Bud, Garlic Cookies and GMO Cookies carry a rare, zesty funk, but their potency is damn near lethal — especially once the Cookies genetics got involved. Garlic Breath, a take on the Garlic craze from Thug Pug Genetics, carries all of those qualities and ramps them up like a spicy BAM! from Emeril Lagasse circa 1998.

den_canna_20150717_colorado-harvest-register_slentz_05 (1)Scott Lentz

The push for federal cannabis banking legalization took another baby step on July 23 when the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs heard a bill that would allow financial institutions to serve companies connected with cannabis, which is still federally illegal.

Introduced by Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, the SAFE Banking Act would protect banks and other financial outfits from federal charges if they provide accounts, loans and other services to pot businesses as well as ancillary enterprises that work with cannabis-focused enterprises, such as real estate agencies, accountants and other business vendors.

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