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TSA Waste
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It’s a safe bet that most travelers personally despise the airport body scanners used by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (and their health risks, possibly including cancer), not to mention the groping that passengers must endure if they turn down the body scan.

Meanwhile, in Europe, with more public awareness, body scanners have been banned due to health and safety concerns. A lawsuit claiming “cancer clusters” in TSA employees has been filed, which could unearth even more damning evidence against the devices.

This is Checkpoint B at Indianapolis International Airport, where cancer patient Starling Wickes was caught with medical marijuana on Tuesday

​Airport police in Indianapolis will destroy medical marijuana that a 36-year-old breast cancer patient from California tried to bring aboard a flight on Tuesday.

Transportation Security Administration personnel found the cannabis in luggage after it passed through an x-ray machine at Checkpoint B of the Indianapolis International Airport, according to police, reports John Tuohy at the Indy Star.
The marijuana and a black pipe were found inside a pink case, according to police. Screeners searched the bag because the x-ray alarm had sounded.
Starling Wickes, 36, of Van Nuys, California, told the cops she had breast cancer and showed them a medical marijuana card that confirmed her doctor authorized her to use cannabis.
But the officials told Wickes that though it might be OK to possess and smoke medical marijuana in California, they don’t let you do that sort of thing in Indiana.

A few years ago, Kurtis Blow found God. Thursday morning, the TSA found weed in Blow’s pants.

TSA Finds ‘An Anomaly’ In Rapper’s Pants

Legendary rapper Kurtis Blow, 51, was busted Thursday morning at Los Angeles International Airport after a TSA body scanner detected “an anomaly” in his pants, which turned out to be a bag of marijuana.

Law enforcement sources told website TMZ that after the new body scanner detected an item in his pocket, a resulting pat-down revealed the weed.
Blow, real name Kurtis Walker Combs, who now says he is a pastor, got a ticket for marijuana possession — after all, an ounce or under of pot is decriminalized in California — and went, weedless, on his way.