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According to data compiled by the National Review, welfare recipients have used electronic benefit (EBT) cards to withdraw cash at dispensaries at least 259 times since the sale of limited amounts of cannabis to adults 21 and up began in Colorado on January 1.
In total, more than $23,600 of money meant to go toward food and housing from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program was withdrawn, according to the conservative publication. And while there’s no way to prove the money was spent in dispensaries, that doesn’t matter to the lawmakers who immediately demanded something be done.

Crimestoppers U.K.
Anti-pot paranoia, now in scratch and sniff!

The powers-that-be in the United Kingdom want their citizenry to rat on one another. At least, that’s the plan with a series of marijuana-scented scratch-and-sniff cards that were mailed to more than 200,000 people in the UK recently.
The ridiculously daft plan by the group Crimestoppers U.K. is that by handing out ganja-scented cards to the community, people will run to the police any time they smell anything remotely skunky.

Cannabis Cards

Marijuana culture has thousands of unique artifacts which can be found nowhere else. The flowering of cannabis creativity which exploded with the hippie movement in the late 1960s shows no signs of abating.

Cannabis Cards, based in Mendocino, California, are very collectable examples of this culture. The purpose of the cards is to honor remarkable people associated with marijuana who have influenced the cultural development of society as a whole in some important way, be it as medicine, religious sacrament, social glue, cultural engine or creative spark.
Among those included are revolutionaries, artists, musicians, activists, athletes, comedians, presidents and queens; using colorful original portraits and biographical information, Cannabis Cards inspire as they inform. Each trading card paints a picture and tells a story of the person, the historical period and their legacy.


Patients and caregivers who have violated Arizona’s new medical marijuana law since receiving a card — or who lied about their histories when applying for one — could soon see their cards revoked, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Two patients have already had their cards revoked, health officials said on Tuesday, but because of a confidentiality clause in the law approved by Arizona voters two years ago, they couldn’t specifically say why the cards were revoked, reports Yvonne Wingett Sanchez at The Arizona Republic.

Hail Mary Jane

There’s no longer any need to carry your plastic into medicinal cannabis dispensaries in California, because they don’t want it. Credit cards are no longer being accepted at the collectives, whose accounts with credit card processors have been canceled, thanks to heavy pressure from the federal government.

The intermediaries between retailers and credit card companies — the merchant services providers who process customer payments — have told dispensaries that credit card transactions for cannabis will no longer be processed after July 1, according to Stephen DeAngelo, executive director of Oakland’s Harborside Health Center, reports Chris Roberts at SF Weekly.
So which government agency forced medical marijuana to become a cash-only business? None has stepped forward so far to claim the “credit.”

420 Medicated
The state of Michigan will soon have a snazzy new printer to keep up with demand for Medical Marihuana Program patient ID cards. More than 40,000 Michigan patients are still waiting for their state-issued cards.

​Demand for medical marijuana ID cards is so high in Michigan, the state has had to order a new, six-figure printer that will allow it to produce 4,000 cannabis cards a day.

The state is far behind in printing cards for patients authorized to use cannabis under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. So far behind, in fact, that 40,000 patients still don’t have cards, and have instead been given tamper-proof letters to prove they’re qualified to use the herb for medical purposes, according to Rae Ramsdell, who oversees the program, reports the Associated Press.
More than 131,000 Michiganders have been approved for medical marijuana since state voters approved its legalization in 2008. Thousands more serve as caregivers, who are allowed to grow cannabis for up to five patients each.

Joe Koshollek/Oregon Live
Gary Storck of Madison, Wisconsin, has twice come to Oregon to get a medical marijuana card. He’s one of about 600 out-of-states who have gotten the Oregon card.

​You don’t have to be a resident of Oregon to get an Oregon medical marijuana card.

Hundreds of out-of-staters make an annual trip to the Beaver State to fill out an application, see a doctor and get a state-issued medicinal cannabis ID. Oregon is the only remaining state in the U.S. to issue medical marijuana cards to non-residents, according to Noelle Crombie of The Oregonian.

“It’s not a bad place to visit,” said Gary Storck, 56, who takes a 40-hour, $1,000 Amtrak ride out west from Wisconsin every year to renew his medical marijuana card. “It lifts my spirits to be in a place where medical cannabis is legal and life goes on.”

Graphic: The Walrus Speaks

​The Montana Department of Health and Human Services has stopped issuing new medical marijuana cards, a spokesman announced on Tuesday.

The agency is complying with a strict new medical marijuana law that requires the department to stop issuing the cards on May 14, according to spokesman Jon Ebelt, reports the Associated Press.
Ebelt had previously said the department would continue issuing the cards to patients because of confusion over the law.

Graphic: PCC
Collect ’em all!

​​​Following the success of the first 10 Medical Cannabis Collector Cards, the Patients Care Collective (PCC), a Berkeley, California medical marijuana dispensary, has introduced “Series Two.”

“Our patients loved the first set so much, we felt compelled to bring them Series Two sooner than we originally planned,” said David Bowers, PCC manager and creator of the cards.
“We are excited by the response we’ve received so far, and love hearing that patients are being inspired to learn more about their medicine,” Bowers said.
The new cards are numbered 11 through 20 and feature beautiful bud photos taken at PCC, along with genetic, flavor, effect, and medicinal use information for each of the strains showcased.
For Series Two, the featured strains are MK Ultra, Purple Kush, Morning Star, Durban Poison, Peak 19, Ogre, Purple God, Sage & Sour, Blue Moonshine, and Blackberry Kush.


​The Christmas Cards for Cannabis effort, sponsored by the activist group Moms for Marijuana, gives you a way brighten the holidays for those who are being held in prison for weed.

“Help bring some hope to these friends of ours who are being held in prison for their involvement with cannabis,” said Amy Green of Moms for Marijuana.
Green invites everyone to join Moms for Marijuana in sending Christmas Cards for Cannabis. You can send a card with warm wishes to someone behind bars for a cannabis “crime.”
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