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The entire state of Chiahuahua, where Ciudad Juarez is located, is out of control. Juarez itself is a virtual ghost town with no tourism, almost completely under the control of violent drug cartels.

​A Mexican newspaper in the midst of the country’s Drug War has asked cartels for guidance on whether, and how, it should publish stories on the conflict.

El Diario de Juarez has become known for its excellent reporting from the blood-soaked streets of border town Ciudad Juarez, a haven for the violent drug-smuggling cartels, reports the BBC.
But the murder of their 21-year-old photographer last week prompted the newspaper to run a front-page editorial asking: “What do you want from us?”

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​First, there was Facebook’s censorship of marijuana leaves in legalization ads on its social network. Then came Google’s decision to accept and run nearly identical ads. Now, an announcement from social news site Reddit’s corporate owner, Conde Nast, to Just Say Now that it will not run any display advertising relating to marijuana legalization has resulted in an near-insurrection among the site’s users — and administrators, who said they were “blindsided” by the move.

That decision, unlike Facebook’s, pertains not just to images of marijuana leaves, but to any ads supporting legalization of marijuana, according to the “corporate offices” of Reddit’s parent company, Conde Nast.

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​Facebook has banned the ads of anti-prohibition group Just Say Now, a campaign for marijuana legalization. Just Say Now ran ads that showed their logo, which uses a marijuana leaf. Despite the ad running more than 38 million times, Facebook has flip-flopped and starting censoring the ads, claiming they promote “tobacco products.”

“In a nutshell, they allowed us to serve our ads for 10 days (38 million impressions), then suddenly reversed their approval and told us we could no longer show the image of a marijuana leaf,” said Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake and the Just Say Now advisory board.
“They said they decided to reclassify it as similar to tobacco, but we said we weren’t trying to encourage people to smoke marijuana, we were supporting a change in U.S. drug policy,” Hamsher said, reports Xeni Jardin at Boing Boing.

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Police in New Zealand are soooo helpful! Now they want to tell Kiwis what they can and can’t read.

​Police in New Zealand, in a secret meeting with Internal Affairs departmental heads, told them to try to get marijuana magazines banned nationwide, official documents have revealed.

According to the documents, police hope to have NORML News completely banned, as well as High Times and Cannabis Culture magazines.
No decision has been made yet on censoring the magazines, reports Scoop.
Police had previously lied their asses off, denying that they were involved with sending cannabis magazines to the censors.

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Ed Rosenthal smokes marijuana outside of the federal courthouse in San Francisco, 2007.

​It may be great for reestablishing and maintaining contact with friends and family, but if you are a medical marijuana patient looking for more information in your battle for health, don’t count on Facebook.

Famed cannabis cultivation expert and author Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja, reports that Facebook has censored an ad he tried to run for a book aimed at medical marijuana patients by simply refusing to run it — even though Rosenthal specifically requested that the ad only run in the 14 states where medical marijuana is legal.
“Freedom of the press is restricted to those who own the presses,” Rosenthal said. “This is yet another example of corporate censorship in America.”
Facebook seems to be making it clear that they view seriously ill medical marijuana patients as morally equivalent to crack addicts and meth heads. 

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​A King County, Washington resident has legally changed his name to “Fuck The Drug War.”

A district judge signed off on the name change petition last Friday from a man whose name was previously “Fuck Censorship,” reports Josh Feit at PubliCola.
According to the petition, the man changed his name to Mr. War (the middle name will be “The Drug”) because “We’re in two wars, at least, that I strongly oppose, but cannot currently stop.”

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Officer David Bratzer: “I will try to find other venues to present my views about drug policy”

​The BC Civil Liberties Association has filed a complaint against the Victoria Police Department for muzzling one of its officers, reports ‘A’ News.

Constable David Bratzer was scheduled to speak at a harm reduction meeting in Victoria Wednesday night representing the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).
Bratzer says the War On Drugs is not winnable and is doing more harm than good.
But the Chief of the Victoria Police Department doesn’t want Bratzer to share those views.

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​A pro-legalization Canadian police officer has been ordered by his department’s leadership not to show up at a drug policy event where he was scheduled to speak on Wednesday.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an international group of cops, judges and prosecutors who oppose the “War On Drugs,” is criticizing the gag order from the Victoria, British Columbia Police Department that limits the freedom of speech of one of its officers.
Officer David Bratzer, who volunteers with LEAP while off duty, was ordered not to speak at an official, City of Victoria-sponsored event on harm reduction scheduled for Wednesday night at 7 p.m.
Even though the event is scheduled outside his regular working hours, management from the Victoria Police Department, without Bratzer’s knowledge, informed city staff that he was being “withdrawn from speaking.” Then on February 24, a senior officer at the department directly ordered Bratzer not to participate in the event.