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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Anti-marijuana wing nut Paul Chabot: “Ammiano is a long-time advocate of drug legalization and has sponsored a number of anti-pubic [sic]safety bills”

Coalition for a Drug Free California Wants To Punish Assembly Member For Supporting Medical Marijuana Patients

The Coalition for a Drug Free California (CDFC), an extremist anti-marijuana fringe group headed by entertaining wingnut Paul Chabot, has called for California Assembly Member Tom Ammiano to be removed from his chairmanship of the Public Safety Committtee.

You see, Ammiano has dared to voice his support for medical marijuana, and that’s just not permissible in the stuffed-shirt little nightmare world inhabited by Chabot and his minions — and they want to force the rest of us to live in that fucked up little world, too.

Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/San Bernardino Sun
A federal DEA agent enters G3 Holistic on Monday morning, March 12, 2012, in Upland, California. Federal agents served a search warrant at the medical marijuana dispensary, which has been at odds with the city for a couple of years.

​The Drug Enforcement Administration at 9:30 on Monday morning served a search warrant at G3 Holistic, Inc., a medical marijuana dispensary that has been at odds with the city of Upland, California for a couple of years.

Seized in the raid were at least 25 pounds of marijuana and 89 pounds of medicated edible products containing cannabis, according to the DEA, report Canan Tasci and Melissa Pinion-Whitt of the San Bernardino Sun.
No arrests have been made.
DEA spokeswoman Sarah Pullen confirmed that a search warrant had been served at G3 and that the federal agency has been “working with” California Attorney General Kamala Harris’s office.

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​The extremist anti-drug group Coalition for a Drug Free California (CDFC) has encouraged citizens from around the state and nation to become dispensary whistle-blowers.

“By simply reporting a pot store to the IRS, average citizens who are fed up with these domestic marijuana cartels can now fill out a very simple form,” said Dr. Paul Chabot, founder of the CDFC. “If the IRS takes action and fines the pot store, the whistle-blower, by law is entitled to a 30 percent cash award.”
CDFC points to a recent case in which the IRS took action against a pot store in northern California with a $2.4 million tax investigation.

Mark Zaleski/Riverside Press-Enterprise
Medical marijuana patient Abel Chapa demonstrates in front of Riverside 4th District Court of Appeal as arguments are heard in two medical marijuana dispensary ban cases, one in Riverside and one in Upland

​In a decision that could have immediate effects, California cities and counties can ban medical marijuana dispensaries within their borders, a state appeals court has ruled.

Other courts have upheld local governments’ authority to restrict and zone the locations of the shops, or even declare temporary moratoriums, but Wednesday’s ruling, in a Riverside case, was the first to address a citywide ban, reports Bob Egelko at the San Francisco Chronicle.

The issue has made its way through the California courts for years, but the opinion issued Wednesday is the first one that directly addresses the issue in unambiguous language, reports John Hoeffel at the Los Angeles Times. The decision upholding Riverside’s dispensary ban will likely result in more cities and counties prohibiting the pot shops.

Photo: ASA San Bernardino County

​The debate over medical marijuana dispensaries grew heated Thursday morning at the San Bernardino County Planning Commission meeting, which was set to vote in the afternoon on a staff proposal to ban the facilities in unincorporated areas.

Outside the county government center shortly before the hearing, 30 to 60 advocates rallied in support of safe access to medical marijuana, reports Natasha Lindstrom of the Victorville Daily Press. Activists carried signs reading “Pills Kill,” “Collectives, Not Street Drugs” and “Marijuana = Medicine.”
Some of the patients smoked cannabis outside the government building as they protested, according to the Daily Press.
Meanwhile, those favoring a dispensary ban criticized the medical marijuana facilities, claiming they “increase crime and blight” in surrounding neighborhoods and are “widely abused by young adults.”
The Planning Commission, likely a bit taken aback by the vociferous debate on both sides, delayed a vote until February 17, so the issue remains unresolved for now.