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Any cannabis user can attest to the nostalgic feelings brought on by music and a joint. Before the chorus even hits, a certain artist or song can have you yearning for the golden years, whether they were before a breakup, when you were coming of age, or during any other formative time of your life. And, as with many other cannabis users, my early years of trying the plant coincided with experimenting with new forms of music.

My favorite flashbacks come on when a Notorious B.I.G. song starts playing; I can’t help but feel like a lost, irrationally confident teenager as his deep voice booms over the speakers. His violent tales of growing up in Brooklyn told of a world that was the opposite of the rural desert where I was raised. Songs like “Gimme the Loot” and “What’s Beef” thrilled my ignorant mind as I smoked blunts in garages, strengthening a subconscious bond in my head between Christopher Wallace and cannabis. Nearly a decade removed from those days, my Biggie flashbacks happen less often now, but I’m hoping that will change thanks to Trill Alternatives.

Dear Stoner: What are some good recipes for Christmas edibles?
Too many people to count

Dear Everyone: It’s that toasty time of year again, when dozens of friends, relatives and strangers hit me up for holiday-themed pot recipes for their snowy nights and ugly-sweater parties. You can always search the archives for pot-infused classics like eggnog, hot chocolate and puppy chow, but here’s a new treat to spread the joy and glazed eyes: Mexican wedding cakes with a peppermint twist.

Roger Christie in a recent interview with KITV.

When Westword last spoke to Colorado-born, Hawaii-based THC Ministry founder Roger Christie in June 2010, he was readying a challenge to the federal government’s marijuana laws that would have treated dispensaries like churches. But mere weeks later, he was busted by the feds on pot distribution charges and spent the next four years-plus in jail.
Now, Christie is out and readying a new push to bring Colorado-style marijuana laws to Hawaii. Read more at The Latest Word.

Christopher Vital from local NBC Miami coverage.

There’s a certain sweetness that comes from reporting on scumbag cops who knowingly break the law while using their badge as a cover. So it’s with great pleasure we bring you the story of Miami Police Officer Christopher Vital, who had a wild night Wednesday night. It started with speeding more than 100 miles per hour down the roads of Miami Beach, peaked with him kicking out the window of a Miami Beach Police cruiser, and ended with him jail. For good measure there were drugs and a suspended license involved.
At around 4:45 a.m., a Miami Beach police officer clocked Vital’s blue BMW speeding in the triple digits. The officer pulled the car over, and noticed that Vital had bloodshot eyes, was slurring his speech, was wobbly on his feet and smelled of alcohol.

Greg Skidmore.
Chris Christie.

Back in April, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ripped the quality of life in Colorado due to marijuana legalization — a statement that prompted Governor John Hickenlooper’s office to come up with a list of eight ways Colorado is way, way, way better than New Jersey.
Yesterday, Christie was in Colorado to stump for Bob Beauprez, Hick’s gubernatorial opponent, in the sort of visit calculated to raise his profile as a potential 2016 Republican presidential nominee. And when he was asked if he regretted ripping the state, his answer was a typically blustery and unequivocal “no.”
Read more over at the Denver Westword.

Greg Skidmore/Flickr.
Chris Christie doesn’t want you to get high.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has made it really clear that he won’t relax the state medical marijuana laws or even consider recreational cannabis legalization. But in case you missed the point, ol’ Tollbooth Christie reiterated his point yesterday at a town hall meeting.
“They want tax revenue from legalization,” Christie told the crowd in Sayreville, New Jersey last night. “It’s the motivation for the bill and I am not going to turn our state into a place where people fly in to get high for tax revenue. I’ve made it very clear since 2009 that I oppose this … it’s not going to happen under this [governor]under any circumstances.”

In an epically misguided Sunday sermon for the op-ed page of the Christian Post, Professor Michael Brown puts his dynamic range of ignorance about cannabis on display, summed up simply in the title of his piece, “What are they smoking in Colorado?”
More specifically, Brown targets Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, by asking…again…”What in the world is he smoking?” Completely ignoring the will of the voters in Colorado, who overwhelmingly supported Amendment 64, Brown goes right after the governor, attacking him for taking the estimated multimillion dollar revenues that legal weed is expected to deliver, and putting it back into the community.

After New Jersey Governor Chris Christie caught his breath from the walk to the podium to give his 2nd-term inauguration speech on Tuesday, he made a lot of headlines by vowing to “end the failed war on drugs”.
His plan, an inevitable failure in its own right like so many others’ before him, is to treat “addiction” with treatment, rather than incarceration. Of course, he makes no mention of those already unfairly incarcerated in New Jersey on trumped up drug charges, and how to…ahem… balance those scales. As Jacob Sullum writes for Forbes, why should otherwise law-abiding citizens be forced into a situation where they may be forced to decide between rehabilitation and incarceration?

Something is going terribly wrong with regards to the War on Weed currently being waged in San Diego, California. Being accused of marijuana possession, or any type of possession, certainly does not carry the penalty of torture, or worse, death.
Unless, that is, you are unlucky enough to be detained by a federal agency in America’s Finest City.

A Miami man was caught trying to bring a green Christmas up to the folks of Pennsylvania.
Randy Jesus Valdivia, a 38-year-old resident of Surfside, wasn’t driving a sleigh, but instead a 2014 Dodge Caravan. On Thursday afternoon, police pulled over the vehicle for displaying “criminal activity indicators” in a small town near the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Miami New Times has the full, strange story.

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