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We don’t blame you for complaining about inconsistent prices or expensive herb in certain parts of town, but one study shows that we don’t have it too bad in Denver compared to other cities with legal marijuana.

Wikileaf, a website that lists dispensary menus, deals and strain information, recently released data comparing the average price of legal dispensary buds (whether medical or recreational) around the country. While most of Wikileaf’s data compared the East and West coasts, it also ranked eight major cities according to how much an eighth of an ounce of weed costs.

Trail Blazers is a series of portraits by photographer Maria Levitov spotlighting cannabis consumers from all walks of life.

Like it or not, Denver is quickly becoming a city of transplants. Patrice Ingham wasn’t born very far away, originally hailing from Wyoming before eventually ending up in Denver — but she took pit stops in New York and Washington, D.C., along the way. Now the 27-year-old is switching careers as she finds her connection to the city, and she’s using cannabis to help the transition.

What began in 1999 under the name Million Marijuana March, with events in 30 cities across America, is now, 15 years later, a global initiative for the advocacy of marijuana reform with marches, rallies, and events happening in 160 cities across 35 different countries this Saturday, May 3rd.
These days referred to as the Global Marijuana March (GMM), the multinational event is traditionally held on the first Saturday of each month. New York City, Atlanta, and Boston, along with cities like Toronto and Vancouver in Canada and Mexico City in Mexico, are just a handful of the cities that will be rallying for cannabis on behalf of North America on Saturday. Joining them will be nations from Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and more.

Both Colorado and Washington made history in 2012 by becoming the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults. But while Colorado-based pot shops have been raking in mile-high profits since implementing the new laws at the beginning of this year, folks in Washington are still waiting for the green light to begin their own green rush.

But not everyone in Washington is excited about the controversial new industry coming to their neck of the woods. Nearly three dozen of the state’s 75 largest cities, towns, and municipalities have scrambled to enact ordinances, restrictions, and outright bans to keep any eventual recreational weed stores from opening up in their neighborhood.
As covered by local KING 5 News, a new bill (HB 2144) is in the works that would effectively place a ban on any future bans on pot shops, and it has some city officials hot under the collar.

Ohio police spent $500,000 last year arresting a whopping 27 people for marijuana cultivation under the state’s flyover marijuana eradication program. That’s more than $18,500 per person and in total they only destroyed 20,747 plants – down nearly 64,000 plants from just two years before.
Sound like a waste to you, too?

Michigan capitol.

Update 11/06/2013: Voters in Lansing, Jackson and Ferndale, Michigan all legalized the possession and use of up to an ounce of cannabis on private property yesterday. Jackson voters passed their measure by more than 800 votes, and roughly 63 percent of Lansing voters approved their measure.
Supporters say the move will force the legislature to approve a similar statewide measure during the upcoming legislative session.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health on Thursday heard an earful from some wicked-pissed prospective dispensary owners who say that they can’t find a place to do business in the medical marijuana-legal state.
More than 400 people packed the boardroom of a Holiday Inn in Somerville, Mass. yesterday for the first and only public hearing regarding state licensing.

The prospect of recreational marijuana sales has produced a lot of political naysaying in the past month or so. On June 19, we counted 24 cities that had prohibited retail pot shops. Now, five weeks later, the Denver Post reports that the number has more than doubled, to 56 cities having voted for bans. The Post’s list of cities that have either approved sales, or are expected to do so, is far smaller — just eleven, almost all of which are medical marijuana-friendly.
Count down the roster of communities that are likeliest to just say “yes” over at the Denver Westword, complete with pics, videos and links.

The California Supreme Court unanimously ruled earlier today that cities and municipalities in that state can outright ban medical marijuana dispensaries.
The decision centers around the Inland Empire Patient’s Health and Wellness Center, which was shut down by the city last year after the city declared the dispensary a public nuisance. The court today ruled the city was within it’s legal rights to do it, opening the doors for all other cities in the state to ban medical marijuana shops if they want.

Over the last year or two, one of the greatest rap icons of all time has undergone a transformation of sorts. Snoop Dogg, one of the kings of West Coast rap, seemingly has reached a midlife point where he’s searching for something bigger, something more meaningful – and he says he’s found it reggae music and a new-found love for Jamaica.

So is it all an act, or has Snoop really ditched the Dogg and become a Rastafari lion? The movie seems to take on that question, with what appears to be an honest glimpse into the transformation of an American cultural rap icon to a mellower, irie-eyed Rastafarian.
Decide for yourself if you’re in one of the cities where the film is making an American run this month. You can catch the doc at these locations starting today:
Los Angeles: Laemmle Monica

San Francisco: Opera Plaza

Chicago: Century
Atlanta: Midtown Art Cinema
Miami: O Cinema
Austin: Violet Crown
New York City: Sunshine Cinemas

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