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Mister Cannabis
100 percent fine ring-spun combed cotton, high quality screen printing, sizes M through 2XL, $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

It’s the season for giving, and one great way to make your favorite pothead think of you on a regular basis — every time they wear it — get him or her a t-shirt. ‚ÄčAs editor of a marijuana website, I see (and get to wear) a lot of cannabis-themed t-shirts. The good, the bad, and the ugly — I’ve seen them all.

There’s just as much variation in the quality of the material used, with everything from regrettably cheap weaves — which can spoil what would have been a killer design — to the finest cotton (which, regrettably, is going to remain the predominant material used in such shirts until American farmers are allowed to grow hemp here in the United States).

Having seen and worn so many pot t-shirts, I’ve learned to distinguish the good from the bad, whether we’re talking about designs, or about the quality of the cotton. And I’ve never worn finer shirts, in either regard, than those manufactured and sold by Mister Cannabis at