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Dear Stoner: My very Christian, conservative, Texan in-laws wince when I even say “marijuana,” and any discussion of its benefits or the industry sends them into a tizzy. How do I convert them?
A Faithful Prophet

Dear Faithful: My go-to campaign has always been CBD benefits. Epileptic children can suffer dozens of seizures while on prescription medicine, but hundreds of videos and articles online show how CBD can reduce those seizures to fewer than one per day. And that’s only CBD’s benefits for epilepsy cases. Retired athletes, senior citizens and patients suffering from various chronic conditions have all documented how CBD helps treat their inflammation and pain better than prescribed narcotics and painkillers. A combination of talking up CBD benefits and warning of the life-threatening dangers of opiate addiction has been my winning formula for quite some time now, and I’ve made a lot of conversions.


Arizona’s marijuana-legalization ballot initiative, Proposition 205, has been endorsed by the Arizona Democratic Party and several other notable groups and politicians.

Voters will decide the fate of the proposition on November 8. If it’s approved, adults 21 and older could legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana, grow six live plants at home (unless a landlord says no), and buy cannabis products at a limited system of retail cannabis shops like those in the states of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Medical marijuana activists see the state’s new law as only the beginning of broader reform. They’ve vowed to continue fighting at the capitol and extend coverage to thousands more Minnesotans.
Success or failure depends not only on the stamina of such activists, but on the outcome of this fall’s elections, particularly in the race for governor. Of course, a lot can happen in a year. But it’s worth considering where the remaining candidates stand on this single issue to get a better sense of the difficulty of the task ahead.

A conservative anti-tax lobbyist has become an unlikely supporter of marijuana reform at the federal level. On Thursday, Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, told reporters that despite never trying cannabis (“absolutely not”), he is against the federal over-taxation of medical and recreation marijuana.
“There’s always a slight giggle factor on the issue dealing with marijuana,” Norquist tells Time magazine. “That said, this is tax policy, this is real stuff. This is important. This is everything from jobs to whether the federal government comes in and writes rules that upsets the apple cart in many, many different states.”

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​Canada’s federal government is expected to announce new rules for medical marijuana that would allow only a few licensed growers to be permitted to cultivate cannabis.

The move would eliminate individual and private growers from the current system, under which eligible people apply to Health Canada, which then issues the license, reports Amy Minsky at Postmedia News.
People in the medical marijuana dispensing community who have heard about the impending change said it is unwelcome, and will do more harm than good.

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​Tenants caught growing as few as six marijuana plants in their homes could face automatic jail terms of at least nine months under a federal drug-sentencing bill revived Wednesday in Canada. The bill imposes harsher penalties on home renters than on homeowners for growing identical amounts of pot.

Introduced for the third time after dying twice before, the bill, S-10, removes discretion for judges to sentence as they see fit, proposing instead mandatory minimum jail terms for a variety of drug related crimes, reports Janice Tibbetts at The Vancouver Sun.

Colorado marijuana dispensaries sold even more weed in 2019 than we’d predicted they would in 2019, according to recently released sales figures from the state Department of Revenue.

When last year’s overall tax revenue figure from marijuana sales was released in January (it totalled over $302 million), we took previous sales reports and DOR tax data to conservatively predict that Colorado pot shops sold approximately $1.72 billion worth of pot products in 2019. Looks like we undershot that figure, though, because current DOR numbers show that dispensaries hauled in over $1.74 billion last year — around $30 million more than we anticipated.

Commercial cannabis is legal within Colorado state lines, but things are different outside of our pot bubble. And now two conservative organizations are joining forces to burst that bubble, while warning other states of what they believe has been a big mistake.

The Marijuana Accountability Coalition and Smarter Approaches to Marijuana just released a report that grades Colorado’s cannabis industry on eight factors, including youth-use prevention, black market sales and stoned driving; all eight received an “F” grade. The report card, presented with the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University, also dishes out failing marks for crime, hospital visits and minority arrests related to pot, as well as out-of-state diversion and illegal pot cultivations on public land.

The Colorado Springs Gazette, owned by conservative billionaire Phil Anschutz, has earned a reputation as the most overtly anti-marijuana major newspaper in the state. And while the first entry in a new series presented beneath the banner “Is Colorado better off five years after legalizing marijuana?” is an improvement over an anti-pot screed from nearly three years ago that was partially penned by a prominent and devoted cannabis hater, it still focuses almost entirely on bad news.

Comedians had a great year in 2017. Anyone concerned with the political health of America? Not so much. No matter what part of the liberal-conservative spectrum you fall into nowadays, the argumentative state of bipartisan politics is both entrenched and insufferable. If Democratic Senator X does something despicable, his supporters will quickly counter by bringing up something equally or more despicable that Republican Senator Y did three months before.

All of this bitch-ass-ness had been stressing me out before Ol’ Jeffy stuck his nose in our legal cannabis. After he announced the end of several federal cannabis protections dating back to 2009, anyone supporting Colorado’s pot sector became paranoid — and it wasn’t from smoking too much Haze. But alas, I’m a stoner, not a political analyst. So instead of giving you hot takes on how to fix this country (you have Facebook and your dad for that), here are ten strains that will help you deal with the mockery all of these fuck boys in Washington, D.C., have been making of our country.

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