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Photo: Reality Catcher
Michael Lapihuska (left) being interviewed by Toke of the Town editor Steve Elliott, Birmingham, Alabama, October 9, 2010

​A former Alabama resident who was busted for pot while back home for the holidays last December — and who is a legal medical marijuana patient in California — will finally be able to return home after signing a plea deal Monday for 13 months’ unsupervised probation.

“I really don’t even feel like it’s over yet,” said Michael Lapihuska, who was arrested in Anniston, Alabama in December 2009 for the medical marijuana authorized by his doctor. “I don’t — maybe after I get back to California,” he said, reports Laura Camper at The Anniston Star.
Monday’s plea deal lowered the felony marijuana charge to a misdemeanor, and allowed Lapihuska to plead guilty to that count and an original misdemeanor possession charge, reports the Mobile Press Register.

Photo: Ron Crumpton
Alabama marijuana activist Loretta Nall, left, and patient Michael Lapihuska, who faces 10 years in prison for one gram of medical cannabis.

​A former Alabama resident who was back home for the holidays last December — and who is a legal medical marijuana patient in California — is facing 10 years in prison for one gram of cannabis.

Michael Lapihuska, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression, grew up in Alabama, but left the state after serving 13 months for possessing five grams of marijuana in 2003, reports Phillip Smith at Stop The Drug War. He was arrested on marijuana possession charges again on December 15, 2009 in Anniston, Alabama, as he visited his family for Christmas.

Photo: Ron Crumpton

​​A bill which would increase safe access to medical marijuana by qualifying patients is still alive in the Washington Legislature.

SB 5798 would extend prescriptive authority to legally recommend medical marijuana to naturopathic doctors, physicians’ assistants, and nurse practitioners. All of these positions can write prescriptions under federal law, and should also have the authority to authorize the medical use of marijuana.
The bill passed the House Health Care and Wellness Committee on a vote of 8-4-1. It now moves to the House Rules Committee, chaired by the powerful Frank Chopp, Speaker of the House.
Chopp has been notoriously hostile towards medical marijuana in the past few years, despite the fact that he represents what is considered one of the most politically liberal districts in the state.

Photo: Ron Crumpton
Ron Crumpton: “The truth is that the war on marijuana is almost over; the stigma is gone.”

​From time to time, Toke of the Town reads something that helps to shore up our sometimes shaky faith in the possibility, at some time in the future, of sane marijuana laws in the United States. Now and again, we see a piece of writing on the Web that makes us say, “Yeah! Things are going to be just fine.”

I had one of those moments recently when reading an op-ed from a student-run university newspaper in Alabama.
“Which university?” You might ask. Well, I can’t tell you, since they don’t want their name associated with Toke of the Town… which shows us there’s still a lot of work to do.
In any event, Ron Crumpton, who wrote the editorial in question, has generously agreed to allow us to reproduce the piece in its entirety.