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Cannabis continues to gain influence, not only in new business ventures, but in college education, too. Just take a peak inside professor Paul Seaborn’s Business of Marijuana course, where students at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver took part in a potrepreneur pitch competition June 4.

Five teams of undergraduate and graduate DU students proposed new business ideas to a panel of cannabis industry judges comprised of Julie Berliner, founder and CEO of edible company Sweet Grass Kitchen, Mark Grindeland, CEO and co-founder of Coda Signature edibles and Carter Davidson, an executive at Vangst recruiting and staffing.

The total is still below 15%.
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A Gallup poll found that 13% of U.S. adults currently use cannabis, up from 7% in 2013.

At SFWeekly, I argued that the 2016 Presidential candidates have dodged their responsibility to discuss legalization.

Ohio is looking for an experienced pot grower to help write the state’s MED rules. The successful applicant will likely have to pass a drug test.

Some Ohio communities are taking action to keep out MED businesses, though dispensaries won’t open in the state until at least 2018.
The alcohol industry wants Congress to know that cannabis-impaired driving is a problem. Officially, the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America is neutral on legalization, but this year an industry group donated to stop Arizona’s REC initiative.
The San Jose Mercury News editorializes in favor of legalization in California. So does the East Bay Times.

The National Conference of State Legislatures endorsed rescheduling.

North Dakota will vote on MED in November. Arizona will vote on REC. Supporters of the Oklahoma MED initiative are “ cautiously optimistic” that they gathered enough signatures to make the ballot.

Two MED initiatives could qualify for the Arkansas ballot. The question of which one voters get to decide may end up in court. The Arkansas Farm Bureau and the state’s Chamber of Commerce oppose both.

Denver’s limited public use initiative collected more than double the number of signatures needed to qualify for a vote in November.

Nashville may decriminalize. The Chicago Tribune visits a grow house, and catches up on the Illinois industry.

High Times lists its “ hateful-eight,” the country’s most influential legalization opponents.

Illegal drug sales on the so-called dark web have tripled since the 2013 closure of the site Silk Road.

Watch out for knock-off vaporizers.

In Oregon, some Craigslist sellers ask for payment in cash or cannabis. Minnesota’s two MED producers are both losing money.

The rapid rise in the popularity of 3D printers in recent years, paired with how affordable they have become, has led to a long list of crazy, deadly, useful, and sometimes downright delicious creations being spit out by these incredible machines. Anything from firearms, to body parts, to pizzas, and in a move straight out of a Terminator movie, we even have 3D printers printing out more 3D printers.
So, of course, it took no time flat for folks to start pumping out 3D-printed plastic accessories for the cannabis crowd – everything from cheap grinders to entire bongs shaped like popular video game characters.
But a research and development firm out of Israel has taken the technology to a whole new level with a 3D-printed vaporizer that they believe will change the way the world looks at medical marijuana.

Timothy Norris.

Cheech and Chong are back in theaters just in time for the big weekend when you get really, really baked. Wait, that’s every weekend….
Earlier this week our photog caught the arrivals on the Red Green Carpet with attendees Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Horatio Sanz, Tommy Davidson, Marisa Saks, Lou Adler, Nic Adler, Cisco Adler, Alonzo Bodden, Lance Broadway, Ron Jeremy and more. LA Weekly has a photo slide show of the stoney event. Page down for the trailer and screening locations.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office
Shawn Porter’s marijuana joke landed him in jail with felony pot charges

​Hey, stoner, don’t make pot jokes in the drive-through line. A Florida man tried to add some high humor to his drive-through order at Burger King, but when he asked for “a blunt and some herbs,” the store called the cops and the man ended up in jail on felony marijuana charges.

Shawn Porter, 32, of Deltona, is being held in the Volusia County Branch Jail near Daytona Beach with bail set at $1,000, reports Gary Taylor at the Orlando Sentinel.
It all started innocently enough, with a late-night munchie run to the Burger King in Deltona, according to Volusia County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Gary Davidson.
Porter and another man pulled into to the drive-through lane in a white Saturn just before 10:30 p.m. on Thursday. When it came time to order, one of them yelled out that he wanted “a blunt and some herbs,” Davidson said.

Photo: Don Davis Jr./High Point Enterprise
In happier times: Thomasville City Manager Kelly Craver rocks out with his Street Party Band 

​A rock and roll-playing city manager was arrested for marijuana possession in North Carolina on Saturday.

Thomasville City Manager William Kelly Craver, 54, of Greensboro, was arrested in Davidson County late Saturday night, reports MyFox8. Craver was charged with one count of misdemeanor possession of up to a half-ounce of marijuana and one count of possession of “drug paraphernalia,” according to court records.
Craver was taken before a magistrate and given a $2,500 secured bond, although he was not in jail, the spokesperson said Sunday morning.
The city manager was charged after he was found with marijuana, a plastic bag containing traces of marijuana, and a pipe with marijuana residue, according to court documents from the Magistrate’s Office in Lexington.

Photo: Cook County Sheriff’s Office
Here is one of the Zimmermans’ enviable grow operations. Since the photo is from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, this must have been the dad’s growroom. Nice!

​An old man and his middle-aged son have been arrested on marijuana charges for cultivating cannabis in their homes, the Cook County Sheriff’s office said Tuesday.

Sheriff’s police estimate the seizures at both homes totaled “about $3 million to $5 million” at those mythical “street prices” they keep promising us.
Jay Zimmerman, 69, and his son Alan Zimmerman, 42, owned homes in Skokie, Illinois and Chesterton, Indiana, reports Chicago Breaking News. The father was charged with manufacturing and delivery of marijuana, a felony. The son was charged with felony possession of marijuana and possession of “drug paraphernalia.”