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Earlier this week, a reader passed along the following note and video to us. It’s a frustrating tale that unfortunately is all too common, even in states that allow for medical cannabis use and cultivation.
“Deborah and Dennis are elderly patients living in San Diego that decided to grow a small amount of cannabis for personal use and soon after were raided by the San Diego Narcotics Task Force. Deborah Little has been HIV positive for over 20 years and her husband suffers from nerve damage – there is no reason they should have been raided and dragged through the judicial system. Thankfully, they were both found NOT GUILTY in the end, but not before the public officials made their life a living hell for nearly 2 years. It is a true injustice that patients are still having to deal with this in 2014.”

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The legalization of recreational marijuana will be a huge issue on your 2016 ballot in California. It’s a presidential year, and pro-pot forces are expecting a larger-than-normal turnout at the polls. The Washington, D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project already made waves in recent days by announcing it would “begin raising funds to help place the measure on the November 2016 ballot.”
But the MPP wasn’t the first organization to eye the November, 2016 ballot in California, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Bobby Earle
Deborah & Dennis Little had their home raided in 2012, now they’re fighting back

Two years ago, in September of 2012, a law enforcement helicopter buzzed over the top of Dennis Little’s land in the quiet country town of Ramona, California. One month later, a joint task force comprised of local law enforcement officers and DEA agents kicked down Mr. Little’s door and arrested him and his wife on suspicion of cultivating illegal amounts of marijuana.
In March of 2013, San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis took them to court on the charges, and one full year later, in March of this year, they beat her at her own game and were fully acquitted of all charges by a jury of their peers.
With two years of their lives turned upside down, thousands of dollars lost to lawyers and courts, and a hard reputation to shake in a small town, one might think that the Little’s would be happy to put it all behind them. But they have some justice of their own to attend to first.

Oh, hello Lucy.

They called it the “Farmer’s Market” because you could order illicit drugs online–LSD, ecstasy, marijuana–and get what you paid for, farm-to-table, so to speak, according to federal authorities.
But an undercover agent based in Los Angeles ordered LSD, which led to a federal case against several of the marketplace’s alleged operators, including 45-year-old Marc Peter Willems of the Netherlands. He was brought to L.A. to face federal charges, and this week he pleaded guilty, U.S. Attorney’s spokesman Thom Mrozek confirmed.

A proposed law to provide statewide regulations for marijuana dispensaries was once firmly opposed by the cannabis community.
It sought to outlaw concentrates like wax, and it would have limited what kind of doctors could recommend weed as well as what form of pot they could prescribe. No longer. The bill by Southern California Sen. Lou Correa has been worked over so much that a key liberal Democrat, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, has jumped aboard as a “principal co-author,” his office announced.
Dennis Romero at the LA Weekly has more.

Here’s a tip to all of you doctors out there: If you’re going to be indiscriminately writing scrips for medical marijuana, at least put some leg work into it, or you’re going to end up like Long Beach doctor Dennis Larry Clark. Clark was put on one year probation earlier this month, as well as being barred from making any medical marijuana recommendations.
Why? Well, he got caught indiscriminately giving recommendations, and he didn’t even try to make it look not shady. The OC Weekly has more.

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer says he has this weed shop thing under control. But now he wants to hire five new prosecutors to help close down hundreds of dispensaries in the city. Apparently the lawyers Feuer has on-hand aren’t getting the job done to his satisfaction.
Dennis Romero at the L.A. Weekly has more.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says he will give his approval to a House bill passed today that legalizes access to high-CBD cannabis for patients with severe seizure disorders as well as cancer and muscle spasms.
The bill will also allow up to five dispensary/grow operations to cultivate high-CBD for sale to patients who can eat it or vaporize it. Smoking marijuana would not be legal. The bill now has to be approved by the Senate by the end of today before the governor can sign it into law.

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