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It’s never a good idea to smoke weed in front of a police officer, let alone get behind the wheel right after — but that’s exactly what people were doing with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, July 16.

During this truly unique event, Adams County sheriff’s deputies invited participants to drink beers, smoke joints and then test their driving skills in order to determine how impaired they really were. The challenge was the brainchild of cannabis consulting firm Dacorum Strategies, which partnered with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Lyft and Colorado NORML to raise awareness about driving while impaired.

Dr. Dennis Clark is a 40-year physician in private practice and longtime resident of Long Beach, CA but on April 12, 2012, he got no respect from OCSD. Deputy Michael Thalken and five other deputies raided Clark’s home and allegedly told him to “shut up and sit down” when he asked to see if his name was on the warrant. During a two-hour search, the officers confiscated the doctor’s laptop containing patient information, copies of his tax returns and his 2011 Hyundai Sonata, and they questioned him about his views on medical marijuana.
Last November, Clark sued OCSD and Thalken at the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, claiming that the deputies violated his constitutional rights. According to Clark, deputies obtained the search warrant by tricking Superior Court Judge Andre Manssourian, a former prosecutor, into granting the raid. It’s true that Thalken failed to tell Manssourian the home belonged to a licensed physician or that there was no evidence the doctor violated any state law. OC Weekly has the full story.

Deputies ignored the pleas of the family, allowing their kitchen to catch afire

Some members of a Southern California family narrowly escaped with their lives after a house fire was caused by a botched raid by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. 

Deputies thought they’d found the bad guy when they surrounded a Spring Valley house and ordered everyone out at gunpoint. But the suspect they were looking for — a gunman who had robbed a medical marijuana delivery service — wasn’t there. Instead, they interrupted a family having dinner, and caused a kitchen fire when they wouldn’t allow the housewife to go back inside and turn off the stove.

Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department
Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey claimed the medical marijuana “compliance checks” were voluntary — but none of the patients were told that. The sheriff claims he plans to meet with the detectives to make sure they’re “relaying correct information.” 

​Law enforcement officers made unannounced visits to the homes of medical marijuana patients in a California town last month, knocking on their doors and saying they were there at the direction of the sheriff. Dunsmuir residents said sheriff’s deputies, sometimes accompanied by a detective, showed up without warrants, but wearing full camouflage.

The deputies and a detective reportedly asked to see medical marijuana recommendation cards, asked to photograph the cards, requested and photographed identification, asked to view the number of plants in possession, and — according to several patients who experienced the visits — advised people on what medical conditions for which marijuana may or may not be used, reports Paul Boerger of Mount Shasta Area Newspapers.

Cafe Press
Why, thank you, officer, and Merry Christmas.

​Deputies returned two pounds of seized cannabis to a California dispensary on Friday after a court ruled that the marijuana had been improperly confiscated.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department confiscated two pounds of marijuana from Common Roots Collective during a shakedown, I mean “inspection, on December 1. But the dispensary’s lawyer argued that the deputies violated federal law, since authorities, including code enforcement officers, had entered the property on an inspection order and not a search warrant, reports CBS 13.
The court ruled in favor of the dispensary three weeks later.
“The police are being kind enough to return it to us before Christmas,” said attorney John Fuery.

Photo: WTSP
Some of the plants seized from the home of 84-year-old Bernardino Gonzalez. Of course, asshole cops couldn’t resist going ahead and mutilating the plants, just to prove what macho ass-bags they are.

​An 84-year-old Florida man faces drug-trafficking charges after Sarasota County, Florida sheriff’s deputies busted into his home and claimed they found 60 marijuana plants in what they described as an “elaborate” grow house.

Members of the Special Investigations unit conducted surveillance on the home, wasting untold thousands of taxpayer dollars in the process, after a butt-insky deputy responding to an unrelated call in the neighborhood claimed he smelled the odor of cannabis coming from the area.
The Sheriff’s Office claims it pinpointed the smell as coming from a home in Island Date Street and were able to get a search warrant, reports Beau Zimmer at WTSP.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office
Mark Fiasco: Thanks, sheriff dudes… I’ve been looking for that bong for seven years, brah!

​It was a bad news/good news scenario. A Florida man got busted for marijuana, but the search of his trunk revealed a bong inside a plastic shopping bag that he said had been lost for years.

Mark Fiasco (yes, that’s really his last name) thanked deputies who arrested him Friday morning during a vehicle search that also turned up the bong he said he lost years ago, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, reports Paradise Afshar of The Bradenton Herald.
Fiasco and Matthew Haley were pulled over around midnight; officers claimed a license plate light was out. The deputies’ report said the car had also been involved in a previous drug case in which an arrest was made.
When deputies first approached Fiasco, 23, he provided an address that did not match what was listed on his license. He was then asked if there were any drugs in the car and he said no, according to the report.
A search of the vehicle — to which Fiasco apparently consented, which you should never do — revealed just over an ounce, 29.3 grams of marijuana, to be precise, in the trunk. The search also revealed a big bong inside a plastic shopping bag.

Photo: Orange Juice

​Deputies rescued a Fontana, California man who earlier tried to rob marijuana farmers, but instead was shot at and became lost in the forest, according to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials. Oh, and they found 3,000 plants. Sound like a set-up?

Alan Drew Smith, 52, was arrested Monday for being a felon in possession of a firearm and for attempted robbery, reports the Victorville Daily Press.

Investigators learned Smith had gone into the forest area near Silverwood Lake north of Devore to try to rob marijuana farmers, officials said in a press release.

Photo: San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department
Deputies discovered numerous pallets of heat-sealed drugs on a big rig trailer. They claimed the marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine was worth $45 million

​Sheriff’s deputies discovered drugs worth an estimated $45 million after a tractor trailer was stopped in Rancho Cucamonga, California, on Wednesday.

The bust was described as “one of the largest ever made in San Bernardino County,” and included thousands of pounds of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine, according to the sheriff’s office, reports Melissa Pinion-Whitt of the San Bernardino Sun.
A big rig was stopped on the eastbound 10 Freeway for a traffic violation around 11 a.m.

Photo: WNEM
Deputies haul away marijuana after raiding what patients described as a medical marijuana grow operation

​Two medical marijuana patients were arrested last week by Saginaw County, Michigan sheriff’s deputies and federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officers.

According to arrested couple, the marijuana they grew was for medical purposes in accordance with Michigan’s medical marijuana law, but the sheriff’s office said they were not following state guidelines, reports WNEM.
Hundreds of marijuana plants, guns and other possessions were seized in the raids last week.
John Roberts, 48, of Thomas Township, protested the arrest and said the growing and use of marijuana by patients is legal.
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