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Yes, Denver is called the “Mile High City” and yes marijuana is legal. Not surprisingly, Colorado peaked at the summit of the Movato Real Estate “Highest City in the U.S.” survey of cities and towns across the United States. says it took into account a large body of data, including the number of medical (and recreational) dispensaries, how many medical pot licenses are issued and whether or not adult use is legal. While it is not hard to determine that Denver is the highest city based on that criteria, we wonder what the researchers were smoking (or not) when they came up with their results


Ten people were arrested yesterday and 8,000 plants were seized in a hydroponic marijuana-grow ring that spanned Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced.That’s a lot of weed.
Authorities say one of the ringleaders, a 39-year-old “top lieutenant” from Monterey Park named Andy Tran, was an at-large fugitive. Dennis Romero from the LA Weekly has the rest.

Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/San Bernardino Sun
Aaron Sandusky, president, G3 Holistic: “I had four patients in there and they were all handcuffed and interviewed”

Justice Department denies defendant ability to show evidence of state law compliance at trial; Sandusky could face life in prison
The operator of three state-compliant medical marijuana dispensaries will be tried in federal court this week in Los Angeles. Aaron Sandusky, 42, who operated facilities in Upland, Colton and Moreno Valley, was raided by federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents last November and was charged with six felonies, including manufacturing marijuana, possession with intent to distribute, and conspiracy.
Five others were similarly charged in the raid, but they have since accepted plea deals and may be called to testify against Sandusky. If convicted on all counts, Sandusky could face life in prison. Jury selection begins at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday in a trial that is expected to last all week.
“This trial is nothing more than a cynical attempt by the federal government to intimidate dispensary operators in Los Angeles and undermine the implementation of California’s medical marijuana law,” said Kris Hermes, spokesperson for the medical marijuana advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA). “The Justice Department holds all the cards in federal court and uses that leverage to terrorize the medical marijuana community.”

The Marijuana Project

By John Novak
The Washington State Office of Financial Management has finally released its much anticipated report on the marijuana “legalization” initiative, I-502. (See link to the report at the end of this article)
While it claims that the state could see a financial windfall in the billions from the taxation and regulation of cannabis, it also warns of some very serious consequences and the possibility of zero revenue.
Steve Sarich, a well known Seattle area medical marijuana personality and anti-I-502 activist, sued the Office last month, stating the early numbers being used “are so far off it’s incredulous.”
He and the other activists that joined the lawsuit demanding a new report that included all the risks, including possible results from federal lawsuits.

Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/San Bernardino Sun
A federal DEA agent enters G3 Holistic on Monday morning, March 12, 2012, in Upland, California. Federal agents served a search warrant at the medical marijuana dispensary, which has been at odds with the city for a couple of years.

​The Drug Enforcement Administration at 9:30 on Monday morning served a search warrant at G3 Holistic, Inc., a medical marijuana dispensary that has been at odds with the city of Upland, California for a couple of years.

Seized in the raid were at least 25 pounds of marijuana and 89 pounds of medicated edible products containing cannabis, according to the DEA, report Canan Tasci and Melissa Pinion-Whitt of the San Bernardino Sun.
No arrests have been made.
DEA spokeswoman Sarah Pullen confirmed that a search warrant had been served at G3 and that the federal agency has been “working with” California Attorney General Kamala Harris’s office.

Cypress Hill SmokeOut

Thursday, March 1 at 4:20 pm in Downtown Los Angeles

Cypress Hill SmokeOut has teamed with Americans for Safe Access (ASA)  and Medicine & Music Project for a peaceful protest in response to recent federal activities against medical marijuana as well as the local Los Angeles ban on medical marijuana.
The event will start with protesters meeting at the west steps of City Hall at 4:20 pm and will then proceed to the Edward R. Royal Federal Building where speakers will include Cypress Hill’s  B-Real, Americans for Safe Access’ California Director Don Duncan and more. 
The goal of the rally is to draw attention to local threats towards patient access and federal interference in efforts to regulate medical marijuana. The scope of the  federal crackdown is shocking, as federal officials and agencies have threatened providers, growers and property owners.

Cheri Sicard started using cannabis medicinally in 2009 after a suggestion from her doctor. She was astonished at how well it worked.

By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
Sharing the NORML Women’s Alliance booth this weekend at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles will be two notable authors.
First is Cheri Sicard. Cheri spent much of her childhood and early adult life, interestingly enough, traveling the country and the world as a circus performer, magician and mentalist.  Along the way she started writing about travel and food which lead her to become an internet entrepreneur back in the days when it was just a series of tubes.
She is the author of The Great American Handbook: What You Can Do For Your Country Today and Everyday (2002 Berkley Books), US Citizenship for Dummies (2003, Wiley, co-author with Steven Heller, Esq.), Everyday American (2008, Bookspan, ISBN: 1582882975), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Easy Freezer Meals (2011, Alpha Books, ISBN: 1615640649).

The Liberator Today

​Californians have a chance to make two strides for human rights in the coming weeks. Two important bills before the Legislature must be voted on this month: SB 129 would grant employment rights to medical marijuana patients, and AB 1017 would reduce penalties for marijuana cultivation.

The Legislature will be voting on the bills in the next two weeks (between January 19 and 31). Both bills fell short of passage last legislative session, and both are in critical need of support fro constituents in key districts.

“We are urging supporters in key districts to contact their legislators ASAP!” said Deputy Director Ellen Komp of California NORML.


​Dispensaries in California appear to be closing as a result of the federal crackdown on medical marijuana.

In conservative Orange County, a threatening letter from federal prosecutors achieved what nearly $600,000 in legal fees couldn’t — shutting down the dispensaries, reports the Associated Press

All eight collectives that had occupied the second floor of a mini-mall in Lake Forest have closed since California’s four U.S. Attorneys announced a couple of weeks ago that they were cracking down on medicinal cannabis sales in the state, reports Greg Risling at the Associated Press.
The healthy competition between the eight dispensaries at the Lake Forest mall was good for everyone, local patient Melissa Morales told Toke of the Town.

“It was like heaven,” Morales told us on Friday. “I got treated like a queen. One of the collectives had a frequent buyer program punch card. You got a free eighth after 10 donations and a free preroll with any edible.”

Photo: KVAL News
Sections of the Oregon forest were cleared to make way for the illegal marijuana plantation.

​Police seized what they claimed were more than 10,300 marijuana plants from an illegal plantation on privately owned forest land in northeastern Oregon on Wednesday. They claimed the crop was worth about $25 million.

Two men, ages 50 and 25, were arrested and jailed after police raided the grow site, reports
The investigation began last week when a helicopter spotted the plants from the air. Law enforcement searched the rural property in Wallowa County, not far from the Washington and Idaho borders.
They said they found more than 10,300 plants ranging from three to five feet tall. All the plants have been destroyed, authorities claimed.