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Graphic: Reality Catcher
See those two little red counties? Those are the heart of redneck California, ladies and gentlemen. Sutter and Colusa counties are the only two in the state still violating state law by refusing to issue medical marijuana ID cards.

​​Fourteen years after Californians voted to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana, two counties — in violation of state law — are still refusing to issue official identification cards to cannabis patients.

The Sutter County Board of Supervisors’ rejection of a plan Tuesday night left the county as one of only two in the state, along with Colusa County, without such a program, reports Howard Yune at the Yuba Appeal-Democrat.
Senate Bill 420, passed in 2003, directs California counties to issue ID cards to patients using medical marijuana with a doctor’s approval. Unfortunately, SB 420 doesn’t list specific sanctions against counties that refuse to do so.
The plan voted down by the myopically marijuana-phobic Sutter County supervisors was so reasonable, so middle of the road, that even the county sheriff endorsed it.

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​Nova Scotia has been ordered to pay for the medical marijuana used by a woman who is on social assistance. In a decision released Wednesday afternoon, the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia ordered the Department of Community Services to pay for Sally Campbell’s prescription pot, reports Beverley Ware of The Chronicle Herald.

Campbell suffers from numerous ailments, and has a certificate from Health Canada giving her permission to use cannabis to relieve her nausea and pain.

Photo: Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Carlton Griggs, 81, had more than four pounds of marijuana and 10 guns. He made the mistake of giving cops permission to search his car and home.

​An 81-year-old Florida man has been caught with more than four pounds of marijuana in his home, and has admitted to deputies that he sells pot.

Carlton Griggs, of Ocklawaha, Fla., told a deputy he had been selling pounds out of his home for the past two years, and used his Oldsmobile (perfect!) to meet people to sell them cannabis.
Griggs was arrested Wednesday, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, after Deputy Damon Baxley received a tip about possible drug sales at his home, reports Austin L. Miller of
Baxley went to the area and parked close to Griggs’s home, waiting for backup. When another deputy arrived, they saw a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue pull out of the driveway.
As they followed the vehicle, Baxley noticed the driver, later identified as Griggs, was wobbling in his lane. The officers pulled the car over.
After Griggs gave Baxley permission to search his car (never do this, by the way), the deputy found a revolver with no serial numbers. Baxley then asked the old man if he “had anything” at his home; Griggs said no.

Vegetable matter is sprayed with synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018 and marketed under the brandname “K2”

​Federal agents are cracking down in imports of a “synthetic marijuana” as the substance, legal in 49 states (everywhere except soon-to-be-illegal Kansas), gains popularity nationwide.

Officials claim Food and Drug Administration regulations bar the important and sale of JWH-018, a synthetic cannabinoid, “because it is not a tested and approved drug,” reports Peter Mucha at the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Eighty-five parcels have already been seized at Philadelphia International Airport after tests proved positive for JWH-018, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Officials said the parcels were arriving from Amsterdam at a UPS facility at the airport.

Photo: DEA

​A British prison inmate turned an empty office into a marijuana farm while out on day release for “work experience.”

Disgraced businessman Christopher Sanders had been given time out by Sudbury Prison officials to find a job on the outside, in preparation for being released early from a seven-and-a-half-year prison stretch for fraud, according to the Daily Mail.
The 41-year-old instead spent £10,000 (more than $15,000) of his savings on high-tech equipment to grow a crop of cannabis.

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New Mexico: Land of Enchantment. And, well, taxing the sick.

​New Mexico’s Legislature has been looking mighty hungrily at the state’s medical marijuana program as a source of tax revenue. But according the state’s Tax and Revenue Department, such a tax could cause patients to turn to the black market.

A 25 percent excise tax on medical marijuana could potentially raise about $1.2 million for the state, according to the Legislative Finance Committee’s fiscal impact report on Sen. John Sapien’s bill, SB 56, reports Marjorie Childress at The New Mexico Independent.
The analysis estimated a typical patient spends $6,256 annually on medical marijuana, and would pay about $1,564 in excise tax per year.


​The Los Angeles City Council voted 9-3 today to pass an ordinance regulating the sale of medical marijuana by dispensaries. The measure, which the council first began debating more than four years ago, passed quickly, without debate.

Although medical marijuana advocates were able to improve parts of the ordinance, they say certain provisions in the final version will effectively shut down nearly all of the existing facilities and will make it almost impossible for dispensaries to locate anywhere in the city.

Toke of the Town realizes that many of you are going to get blotto on New Year’s Eve, and there’s no denying that’s the traditional thing to do.
But as Mason Tvert has told us, marijuana is safer. So if you want to have the best time possible this December 31 as you bring in a fresh 2010, maybe you should have a pot party instead of a beer bash.
At the very least, if you must get drunk, smoke pot while doing so. Scientific studies show that marijuana helps protect your brain cells from the damaging effects of bingeing on alcohol.
Towards the goal of reducing the incidence of nasty hangovers, projectile puking, and waking up in bed with people you don’t know, and in the interest of promoting parties that are safer and more fun, here are 10 songs you don’t want to miss when compiling a playlist to bring in the new year in high style.
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