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​An updated study released on Thursday by the Marijuana Policy Project shows that enacting medical marijuana laws in a state does not cause an increase in adolescents’ marijuana use.

Despite frequent claims by opponents of medical marijuana that passing such laws “sends the wrong message to children,” there appears to be no correlation between medical marijuana and teen marijuana use rates, according to MPP.
Nearly 15 years after California voters approved the nation’s first state medical marijuana law, Proposition 215, a considerable body of data shows that teens’ marijuana use has generally gone down or stayed the same following the passage of medical marijuana laws.

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A bipartisan group of legislators introduced three bills in Congress on Wednesday which, for the first time in history, would federally protect and support medical marijuana patients and providers in states where the medicinal use of cannabis is legal.

The first of the bills, the “States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act,” would modify federal law so that individuals acting in compliance with state law are immune from federal prosecution. The other two bills, which address banking and tax issues faced by medical marijuana providers, are the first two bills in the history of Congress to protect and advance the interests of medical cannabis businesses.
Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) is the lead sponsor of the States bill, which has garnered bipartisan support in past sessions of Congress.

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In happier times: Rob Kampia with MPP Chief of Staff Alison Green

​Rob Kampia has been reinstated as executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, just three months into an unpaid leave of absence due to a sex scandal which shook the cannabis advocacy organization.

“Rob is back effective today,” said Mike Meno, director of communications at MPP, on Wednesday. “The board voted yesterday and we’re hoping to continue with the work of ending marijuana prohibition in this country.”
High Times reports that Kampia was reinstated by the nine-person MPP board of directors during a “contentious” conference call meeting. The close vote on Kampia’s return was followed by the resignation of at least two board members, one on the spot and one within 24 hours.

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​​Many veterans and others are using cannabis medically to treat the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), according to preliminary results of a new survey.

Cannabis Science Inc., which describes itself as “an emerging pharmaceutical cannabis company,” is reviewing the interim results of its survey of more than 1,400 people.
“It is clear that many veterans are already using herbal cannabis to self-medicate to relieve the symptoms of PTSD,” said Dr. Robert Melamede, president and CEO of Cannabis Science.
“Consequently, there is a clear need for standardized, FDA approved, oral cannabis products which can, and should be, provided to veterans and others who can benefit from its use,” Melamede said.