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Citizens For Patient Rights

The campaigns to allow and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in Lemon Grove, Del Mar and Solana Beach, California (Propositions T, H and W, respectively) have recently received the endorsements of political parties in San Diego County from across the political spectrum, including the San Diego County Democratic Party, the San Diego County Libertarian Party and the San Diego County Green Party.
“These endorsements show just how mainstream, and broad, the fight for medical marijuana access has become,” said the group Citizens for Patient Rights in a press release. “Unlike other political issues, which tend to clearly divide conservatives and liberals, the rights of the citizens of the State of California to allow qualified patients access to marijuana medicine has clearly united compassionate voters on all sides of the aisle.”
Other prominent endorsements for these initiatives include: 

Los Angeles Dragnet

​Among all the tinhorn dictators who rail against California’s liberal medical marijuana laws, Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich — notorious for his rabid anti-cannabis stance — stands out for his constant hotdogging and grandstanding on the issue.

Officials with three law enforcement organizations said they have yet to formally decide whom to back — if anyone — in this year’s race for Los Angeles district attorney, reports Jack Leonard at the Los Angeles Times. Trutanich, the obvious frontrunner, is now in political hot water after falsely claiming several key supporters, including the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association, the Los Angeles School Police Association, and the National Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.

CannaKids founder Tracy Ryan with her daughter Sophie.

The issue often comes up

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The REC initiatives in Massachusetts and three other states include measures that protect parents from losing custody of their children as a result of marijuana use. An Idaho mom has lost custody of her kids and is facing criminal charges after giving her child cannabis butter to relieve seizure-like symptoms.

Photo by Timothy Norris.

Now that the era of cannabis prohibition is finally coming to a close, the famous stoners of bygone eras are stepping away from their bongs, wandering out of their man caves and looking to cash in. Bob Marley’s descendants may be trying to brand a strain of weed named after the famed reggae singer, but L.A.’s own Tommy Chong is thinking a big more broadly.
Yes, his own strain — “Chong Star” — is in the works. But more importantly, the 76-year-old is making a play for a lucrative comeback with a recent stint on the hit show Dancing With the Stars and endorsements of everything from fertilizer and joint-rolling machines to pipe necklaces and Smoke Swipes, a product that supposedly removes unwanted smells from clothing and hair. Amanda Lewis at the LA Weekly has more.

Buddha Tahoe OG.

A somewhat surprising number of Florida’s biggest and most influential newspapers have come out against medical marijuana. The Orlando Sentinel, the Tampa Bay Times, and the Florida Times-Union are just a few. None of those editorials actually bashes the idea of medical marijuana. They’re cool with it, in theory. They just think that it should be an issue decided on by the Florida Legislature and that the amendment is too vague and will cause some sort of abuse. What kind of abuse? No one knows — the editorials are being very vague about it.
This of course ignores two key points:
1. There is no way the Florida Legislature in its current Republican-controlled form will legalize medical marijuana (and this amendment failing will give it more reasons not to do so).
2. Floridians already smoke tons and tons and tons of marijuana.
More at the Miami New Times.

Think marijuana use, cultivation and possession of limited amounts of pot should be legal for adults 21 and up? Think you should be able to purchase some pot at a local, neighborhood store possibly right in the shadow of the nation’s capitol? You’re not alone.
The D.C. marijuana initiative has received the support of the local chapters of the NAACP and the National Organization for Women.


Voters Say Yes To Regulation, Taxation Plan

Isn’t it just the way it always goes? Nothing for 75 years, then two states in one day. Washington voters resoundingly approved Initiative 502, which regulates and taxes marijuana production in the state, with 56 percent voting Yes and 44 percent voting No.

The state’s voters on Tuesday evening joined those of Colorado, from which results had become final earlier, in legalizing cannabis.

The Weed Blog

By Eugene Davidovich
Imperial Beach, California City Council member Brian Pat Bilbray on Friday issued an official endorsement in support of Proposition S, a voter initiative slated to appear on the November 6 ballot in the city. 
“With my sister having to use medical marijuana to treat her stage three melanoma this issue is very emotional and personal for me and my family,” Bilbray said. “If the federal government is not going to take it up upon themselves to start regulating, allow the FDA to actually look at it so it can be put in pharmacies, then it is up to the states to do exactly what they have done.”
If passed, Prop S would repeal the city’s current prohibition on medical marijuana dispensaries and replace it with strict zoning and operational requirements that would allow for a limited number of patient collectives and cooperatives to open in industrial and commercial zones of the city. Those that open would have to meet all operational and zoning requirements laid out in the measure including video cameras, centrally monitored alarm systems, overnight security, as well as strict non-profit operation.
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