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As industry advocates gear up to celebrate 4/20, the city’s Social Consumption Advisory Committee is starting to wrap up its work, which means that Denver could soon see legal public consumption every day of the year.

Although the committee meeting on March 24 saw some dispute over the image of the places where public consumption will be allowed under Initiative 300, which voters approved last fall, there was consensus on other issues. For example, members agreed that public hearings over licenses should not be places for people to vent about legalization or the implementation of social use; those are realities that Denverites are just going to have to deal with.

The details of special-event permitting sparked more discussion, though, particularly events allowing dual consumption: alcohol and cannabis.

After a week of big pot events, Denver’s cannabis calendar is taking a bit of a breather. But there’s still plenty to do around town, including classes and tours.

My 420 Tours
For $49, you can join My 420 Tours at noon Tuesday through Friday for tours of growhouses and dispensaries. My 420 Tours offer a variety of activities around the city, including a craft marijuana and concentrates tour; a sushi, sake and joint-rolling class; cooking with cannabis instruction; and lessons in cannabis massage.

1. Puff, Pass & Pincushion
Join Denver artist Leslie Moffatt of Heathen Handmade from 7 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, October 4, for a two-hour Puff, Pass & Pincushion session. Design your own needlepoint art with step-by-step instructions and then take home your own quirky completed cross-stitch. The class is $49, which includes a cannabis-themed pattern, a cross-stitch hoop, fabric and embroidery floss. Attendees must be at least 21 and are encouraged to bring their own cannabis to smoke while they stitch.

Believe it or not, some Colorado locals were less than thrilled about the annual 4/20 event in Denver this year. But few observers were as negative as Smart Colorado, an organization devoted to “protecting youth from marijuana.” In the wake of the rally, the group put out a statement under the heading “Smart Colorado Speaks About Shocking 4/20 Activities” that decried the gathering in terms that a pot advocate heavily involved in the Civic Center spectacle describes as “hysterical.”

Kim Sidwell/Cannabis Camera.

We’ve always thrown a pretty good party on 4/20 here in Colorado, but this year has the makings to be the largest, best yet (our pro-Colorado bias aside). We’ll have a report here Saturday evening and our roving team (ie. me) will be tweeting all day about the rally, the High Times Cannabis Cup, Slightly Stoopid at the famous Red Rocks amphitheater and whatever else we find ourselves getting into (probably lots of cannabis. really, really good cannabis).
For those stuck at home wanting to know what it’s going to be like tomorrow afternoon here in the Mile High, we’ve got a slideshow of last year’s events from Toke of the Town friend, photographer and documentary artist Kim Sidwell with Cannabis Camera. Enjoy!

Self-quarantines and sitting at home as events and public gatherings are canceled because of coronavirus concerns will lead many of us to break out the bong, but try to keep those smoking utensils to yourself, warns our resident Stoner.

“Start smoking out of your own devices and stop sharing mouthpieces with others — not just because of COVID-19, but because of germs and viruses that cause colds, flus and other sicknesses, too,” Herbert Fuego shared in a recent Ask a Stoner column.

Mouthpieces are natural resting places for germs, and can still carry them even after being wiped down with alcohol — and the coronavirus is definitely on the minds of most cannabis users no matter how much they smoke.

Virtually every part of the economy has been affected by efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus, and that includes the legal cannabis industry. Marijuana and hemp conferences in Colorado that had been scheduled for the spring are postponing or canceling altogether, while pot-friendly hospitality establishments are dealing with cancellations and non-stop efforts to sanitize.

Business owners and travelers have been scrambling to respond to daily developments, leaving event organizers “with loads of uncertainty,” according to Philip Wolf, CEO of Denver’s annual Cannabis Wedding Expo. Originally scheduled for April 5 in Lakewood, the expo was postponed until October 25 after Wolf spoke with vendors, would-be attendees and government officials. He’s also pushed back a Cannabis Wedding Expo in Las Vegas from March to October.

Curtis Powell and Rebecca Goss loved to venture out to infusion events (where cannabis is infused in food), but their options as vegans were extremely limited. So they decided to start their own dinner club, which they called Vegan Stoner Club.

The couple partnered with a close friend from Rob the Art Museum in June to start creating THC-infused dinners and pairings. “We want to spread veganism and cannabis in our own unique way,” Powell says.

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