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‘Tis the cold and flu season, when judgment is never more important…and your brain is never more foggy. Thinking that your immune system is ready to withstand your degenerative ways one day too early can keep that throat sore much longer than necessary, so it’s best to play it safe by avoiding the booze and pot-smoking. Still, according to cannabis sales and delivery platform Eaze, 40 percent of cannabis consumers continue to use pot when suffering from cold and flu symptoms, and a majority of them are smoking and vaping.

While smoking and vaping definitely should be avoided when your throat is burning and covered in mucus, combustion isn’t the only way to take in the plant. Some medical marijuana products could even help alleviate the aches and pains of sinus pains, muscle aches and sore throats, while others can boost your immune system and prevent another bout of illness.


Many people in the cannabis community heard the news via social media apps like Facebook and Instagram way before the San Diego Division of the DEA put out a press release and the local news media caught on.
On Wednesday of last week, the DEA announced that on September 16th, 2014, they arrested nine San Diego area residents after successful raids on multiple locations in the takedown stage of a yearlong investigation they oh-so-cleverly dubbed Operation: Shattered Dreams.

Leslie Simon.

It’s been one year since the State of Colorado passed Amendment 64 legalizing recreational marijuana for adults over 21, and it’s still every bit as exciting to see people smoking freely at an event. Last weekend the people of Grassroots California joined up with dispensary search engine to celebrate the year-old laws and Dab-O-Ween at popular local dance club Norad.

Patrick Kennedy, the former Democratic Congressman from Rhode Island, is not a fan of marijuana legalization, and he wants everyone to know about it. The son of the late Teddy Kennedy, the wildly popular long time Senator from Massachusetts, Patrick is riding the coattails of his family name on a whirlwind media tour to promote his new prohibitionist group, SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana).
After visits to nationally syndicated cable television shows like Bill Maher and Piers Morgan, Kennedy’s latest soapbox comes in the form of an op-ed piece that was graciously printed by the notoriously conservative and anti-cannabis San Diego Union-Tribune.
In the piece, Kennedy says, “When I woke up after the 2012 election, two states had voted to legalize marijuana. That day I also ‘woke up’ to how naive I had been. ”


Humboldt Stories
“It’s not Weeds, it’s real.”
By Sharon Letts
“Did she say eight?” Caitlin asked, fidgeting with the coffee server.
“Eight-ish, I think she said. She talked so fast,” Nick laughed. “She’s New York all the way, you know? Manhattan, Dahling,” Nick mocked.
“I just hope we’re doing the right thing,” Caitlin said. “Seems like packaging and branding right now is putting the cart before the horse, so to speak. If Prop. 19 would have passed it wouldn’t be so much of a problem — maybe.”

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Retired U.S. Marshal Matthew Fogg, LEAP: “The war on drugs has put blacks behind bars for drug offenses at more than 10 times the rate of whites”

Group Joins Police Officers In Calling For Legalization

Blacks In Government (BIG), a group representing the interests of African-American government employees at the federal, state, county and municipal levels, overwhelmingly passed a resolution at its national delegates meeting last week calling for an end to the failed and racially biased “War On Drugs.”
The resolution, which will be delivered to President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, calls for “alternatives to incarceration that may, in part, include a model to regulate and control the distribution of some drugs.”
The resolution pointed to the words of Maryland State Police Major Neill Franklin and U.S. Marshal Matthew Fogg, both members of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a group of police, judges, prosecutors and prison wardens who support legalizing and regulating drugs.
BIG and LEAP noted that African Americans constitute 53.5 percent of all persons in prison because of a drug conviction, despite the fact that blacks are no more likely than whites to use drugs.

Graphic: South Dakota Coalition for Compassion

​About 100 people gathered in Rapid City, South Dakota Tuesday evening for the Rally for Compassion, sponsored by the South Dakota Coalition for Compassion, which has spearheaded the campaign for Initiated Measure 13, which calls for the legalization of medical marijuana in South Dakota.

South Dakota voters will have a chance to vote on Measure 13 in November, and Coalition for Compassion campaign director Emmett Reistroffer urged rally attendees to spread the truth about the initiative, reports Lynn Taylor Rick at the Rapid City Journal.

“There are some opponents out there lying (about the measure),” Reistroffer said. He encouraged rally attendees to set the record straight.