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If you combined Saturday Night Live‘s “Really?” segment with ESPN’s celebration of boneheaded NFL plays titled “C’Mon Man!” you would have my reaction to Derek Rosenfeld’s recent HuffPo article trashing our commander in chief. In his piece “President Obama Is the Last Person Who Should Joke About Marijuana”, Rosenfeld, who is the Internet communications associate at the venerable Drug Policy Alliance, took issue with one joke from the Prez’s annual White House Correspondents Dinner.
What was so egregious about Obama’s marijuana diss? It wasn’t one to begin with.

What is behind the war on cannabis — both medicinal and recreational? Will marijuana ever be legalized?

The Young Turks’ show “The Point” takes a look at these questions this week, with political comedian John Fugelsang leading the panel. He discusses cannabis with comedian Cornell Reid, The 420 Times editor Dave Brian, and Perennial Holistic Wellness Center owner Sam Humeid.
It was my honor to kick off the panel discussion with the first “point” of the show, 90 seconds on the rich, 12,000-year history shared by cannabis and the human race.