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Prison Inmate Penpal
They’re probably celebrating the new Obama Administration policy toward medical marijuana dispensaries.

​U.S. Attorneys Announce That Dispensaries In California Must Close
In a press conference Friday, all four U.S. Attorneys in California announced that the Obama Administration will no longer ignore dispensaries and will actively prosecute many commercial operations.
The attorneys said they will concentrate on criminal prosecution and asset forfeiture against the landlords of medical marijuana dispensaries or cultivation centers, and threaten action against certain commercial organizations.
Multiple businesses throughout the state have been given 45 days to close down.

Photo: Benton County, Washington
Gotta love Sheriff Steve Keane for speaking truth to power.

‘Put the money where the problem is’

~ Sheriff Steve Keane
From time to time, a public servant says something so obviously true, so resonantly sensible, that it’s startling. Yes, it’s kind of sad that we’re startled by the truth, but it’s also great that there are people out there willing to lay it on the line.

Today’s hero is Steve Keane, sheriff of Benton County, Washington.
In a lunch meeting with Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna, when the subject of controlling gang violence came up, Sheriff Keane told the A.G. it’d be nice if some money set aside for marijuana eradication could be used for gang prevention so they can “put the money where the problem is,” reports Paula Horton of the Tacoma News Tribune.

Not all heroes in the cannabis space are fighting in courtrooms or grinding in the grow lab. Some heroes are making stonerific sandwiches with grape jelly and jalapeños, and the plant would be much further from social acceptance without them. Don’t believe us? Count how many parents you see in a Cheba Hut, one of the self-described original gangsters of pot-themed restaurants. Shit, there’s even a Cheba Hut in Stapleton now.

It’s funny, because mainstream acceptance was the last thing that Cheba Hut founder Scott Jennings was looking for. Although his eateries, with their pun-filled menus of sub sandwiches, have done more to help de-stigmatize cannabis than most “pioneers” who like the smell of their own edible farts, Jennings misses the rebellious side of cannabis. Still, that rebel mentality will forever stay embodied in his food, which we’re starting to see in more towns around the country.

We recently caught up with Jennings to learn more about the beginning of Cheba Hut, his menu favorites and more.

Ever see a parody before the original, or hear a sample before the real song? Like listening to “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Amish Paradise years before you discover Coolio’s gangsta inspiration. (I used to be really white.)

The revelation that you’ve been duped into thinking an imitation was the real thing can be both refreshing and disturbing. You’re glad to finally get it right, but you have to wonder how many times you were wrong before. I couldn’t help but feel that surge of excitement the first time I encountered the Cough. Was it one of the Strawberry Cough’s unknown parents? Did Devin the Dude and his Coughee Brothaz christen the strain? Neither of those fantasies ended up being true, but the real story isn’t a bad consolation prize

Charles Smith grew up in a tough part of Los Angeles, and by the time he was fourteen, he was already involved in dealing marijuana for one of the city’s most prominent gangs: the Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods. To keep him from getting in deeper, when he was fifteen his mother sent him to live with his father, an Army vet, in Colorado.

But that didn’t keep him out of trouble. At the age of seventeen, Smith was arrested in Denver for possession and distribution of marijuana. A year after he was released from prison, at the age of 23, he was arrested again, this time for armed robbery. Sentenced to 64 years in prison, he was sent to Colorado State Penitentiary in 1998. Five years later, he was moved to Fremont Correctional Facility.

When he first went to prison, Smith was angry, violent, mad at the world. But then he found both God and Stephen R. Covey.

Flickr/Wolfgang Staudt.

Last Thursday, the Department of Justice released a three-page memo announcing that the federal government will not prosecute Native Americans growing and selling marijuana on tribal lands, even in states where the drug is illegal. So will dispensaries become the new casinos?
Probably not. Many tribal leaders, including Executive Director of the Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission Ron Andrade, found the announcement surprising and suspicious.

Maciej A. Czyzewski/Commons.

The Russian police would probably prefer to keep the buzz surrounding their latest sting operation from being exploited around the world for the sake of cheap entertainment, but let’s face it, the Cold War is over and those bastards are just as much fair game as any other dimwitted law enforcement agency out there getting their narco-hinnies kicked by the occupational hazards of a drug war.


The state’s Violent Crimes Coordinating Council is having a hard time obeying the rules.
You may remember that these were the guys who, in January, jumped unexpectedly into the medical cannabis debate by sending a letter of “strong opposition” to key legislators. The problem was that no one asked for the council’s opinion, and by providing one, its members overstepped their boundaries.


Sammy Flores Jr. was born in 1971 and given the name of his father, Samuel Flores Sr., who happened to be one of the largest marijuana trafficking kingpins in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Junior was quick to follow in his father’s shady footsteps.
After his father was riddled with bullets by Mexican police at a dusty roadside checkpoint in Guadalajara in the fall of 1985, Flores fell into a life of crime of his own. Just three months after his old man was gunned down, Flores was arrested at the Pittsburgh airport carrying $17,000 in cash and a silenced .22 caliber pistol after having just completed a 205 pound weed sale in the city.

Apparently bored with actual news stories, the British media (namely the Daily Mail) has latched on to an absurd story that car thieves are stealing the LED headlights out of Range Rovers to use as cannabis grow lights.
That’s the working theory of police, who also admit that people could also be stealing the lights to outfit other, older Range Rovers with. The West Yorkshire police seem to be throwing out motives and seeing what sticks these days.

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