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Medical marijuana patients should not be allowed to smoke cannabis, nor should they be allowed to share it with other patients. That’s the decree from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who says a medical marijuana proposal currently locked in state Senate committees needs major overhauls before he would ever consider signing it.
Also, if you fake an ailment for a recommendation, it should be a felony.

Medical marijuana activists see the state’s new law as only the beginning of broader reform. They’ve vowed to continue fighting at the capitol and extend coverage to thousands more Minnesotans.
Success or failure depends not only on the stamina of such activists, but on the outcome of this fall’s elections, particularly in the race for governor. Of course, a lot can happen in a year. But it’s worth considering where the remaining candidates stand on this single issue to get a better sense of the difficulty of the task ahead.

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Some sick and ill Iowa residents will now have access to a very limited form of medical marijuana after Gov. Terry Branstad signed a CBD-only medical cannabis bill into law last Friday.
But to access that medicine, patients are going to have to navigate some major legal gray areas and travel at least two states away.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and a bud of marijuana that legal Minnesota patients will never be able to access.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has given his approval to a state law that allows patients to access concentrated forms of cannabis for oral use and vaporization only.
While the move does legalize access to limited forms of medicine for certain patients, it’s still tough to call Minnesota a medical marijuana state when patients can’t actually access actual marijuana. But technically, they are now medical marijuana state #22.

Yesterday, Governor John Hickenlooper signed a baker’s dozen worth of bills on various topics. But arguably the two most high-profile measures had to do with marijuana: legislation to establish a one-ounce-of-cannabis equivalent for concentrates and a proposal to make marijuana edibles more identifiable.
A prominent marijuana advocate praises these measures as examples of responsible legislation even though it’s quite unclear at this point what the new laws will actually do.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott doesn’t seem to get that drug testing welfare recipients isn’t just demoralizing, wrong and illegal — it’s stupid an ineffective. He won’t listen to his constituents and he won’t listen to the federal court system.Weeks after the Supreme Court refused to hear his argument for why all state employees should have to pee in cups, Scott has filed a new brief in appellate court asking to re-argue his right to drug-test all welfare recipients in Florida.

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