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We’re of the belief that the marijuana-ignorant just need the facts to help them understand this plant. Like the costs: nearly $7.7 billion in annual enforcement costs and $1 billion simply to prosecute all just for cannabis.
The folks over at put together this interesting infographic on cannabis decriminalization across the U.S. to help us keep it all together.

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MDVP, the active ingredient in bath salts, increases the number of adrenaline-like hormones in the body. These hormones prepare the heart, muscles and brain to “fight or flight.”

MDVP does this by preventing the brain’s neurons from reabsorbing dopamine and norepinephrine after they are secreted.

This leads to the high concentrations of neurochemicals which results in the “fight or flight” reaction.”

Those of us who have been through a few media cycles of hysteria over the “latest drug menace” are always skeptical when the mainstream whips itself up into a fine frenzy over the newest chemical bug-a-boo threatening the citizenry. 
But even a stuck clock is right twice a day, and it appears that there’s some substance behind the negative publicity surrounding “bath salts,” which in no small part due to sensationalist press coverage, have become the latest quasi-legal drug craze to sweep the nation.

Although bath salts are sold through a loophole as a harmless substance used for relaxation, people are ingesting them seeking euphoria. In addition to experiencing altered moods, some bath salts users are having psychotic episodes marked with agitation, hallucinations and violent behavior.

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