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Photo: Stephen Keable/Book of Odds

​A group of sociologists and geneticists trying to unravel the roots of human behavior heard from colleagues Saturday about research which indicates teenage boys who have two copies of a particular gene variant engage in fewer “risky behaviors” — including marijuana use — than their peers who carry at least one copy of another version of the same gene.

Interestingly, the “no-risk” gene appears to be greatly influenced by laws. Genetic protection against risky behaviors appeared only at ages when such acts were illegal, such as prior to age 21 for drinking alcohol, according to researcher Dr. Guang Guo of the University of North Carolina.

Photo: RCMP
High Prairie RCMP uncovered a 6,500-plant marijuana operation with a street value they claimed was $6.5 million.

​The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in High Prairie, Alberta, last Thursday seized 6,500 marijuana plants they claimed were worth $6.5 million and charged six men in the bust of large cannabis grow operation.

Investigators quaintly estimated the seizure “effectively removed the equivalent of more than two million marijuana joints from reaching the streets,” reports CTV News.

Plants in various stages of growth were found in 12 portable semi-circular huts, each about 200 feet (60 meters) long, 20 feet (six meters) wide and 10 feet (three meters) high, reports CBC News.