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Dope! That’s what comic books are! Dope! And those dirty books should be scrubbed, put through the wringer and have the dirt squeezed from them!
At least, that’s the gist of this December 30, 1948 column in the Steamboat (Colorado) Pilot by George Bowra, an (at the time) relatively well-known figure in the American West. The tone of the article is over the top, bordering on satire — which might make sense considering Bowra’s history as a colorful character. But we’re not so sure he was joking.

Gunnar Ries Amphibol/Commons edited by Toke of the Town.

Don Willis wants to kill wolves. He also wants to be governor, but right now he’s all about killing him some wolves. So much so, that he’s made it a part of his gubernatorial campaign strategy. See, Wyomong has permitted wolf hunts in the past but this year a federal judge put the animals – a key component to the western ecosystem – on a protected list. That pisses off Willis, who (as previously noted) just wants wolves to die. Now Willis is saying the state should allow the hunt despite the federal protection because Colorado has legal weed.

Voice Media, 2014.

Operation Grow4Vets, a group we’ve reported on in the past, gave out marijuana and marijuana edibles to hundreds of veterans in Colorado over the weekend dubbed the Denver Cannabis Givewaway Event.
The giveaway, at a Quality Inn in Denver on Saturday, was open to everyone 21 and up. Under Colorado law, adults can give away up to an ounce of herb at a time to other consenting adults over 21.

Colorado Supreme Court courtroom.

Back in April, we told you about a Colorado activist group appealing to the state Supreme Court to make medical marijuana use a right in Colorado after a DISH Network employee was fired for off-work use. The Colorado Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project filed an amicus to the court arguing that medical marijuana use is a right and the intent of the voters was to legalize medical cannabis – not just make it a decriminalized form of use.
But now the Attorney General of state of Colorado is offering their opinion to the Colorado Supreme Court, and it’s the complete opposite.

In a stunningly misguided article written by Dennis Thompson for, and unfortunately republished on, he asserts that society is bound to pay a steep price for allowing various forms of marijuana legalization to be passed into law.
In his hit piece on pot, Thompson warns of the “dark side” of legal weed, claiming that the growing trend we are seeing in marijuana acceptance is directly creating a major uptick in fatal car accidents, and that soon the dangers of drunk driving will pale in comparison to the dangers of driving with weed in your system.

Arkansas AG Dustin McDaniel

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel ruled that a marijuana legalization measure that repeals state laws on marijuana possession, use and cultivation for being too vague.
This is the second time that McDaniel has rejected the ballot proposal. And no, he is not unclear as to what “repealing all laws related to cannabis” means, nor does he seem to have a personal grudge against pot. Basically, the proposal just doesn’t make sense.

Jovan Jackson, from YouTube.

Just over one year ago, on October 24th, 2012, historical legal precedent was set in the state of California in regard to its ambiguous medical marijuana laws. San Diego based medical marijuana storefront owner, Jovan Jackson, had been tried in court twice, based first on entrapment style undercover buys in 2008 (acquitted of all charges), and then trumped up charges of possession and sale of marijuana after a raid on his shop in 2009, of which he was eventually found guilty.

Driving impaired isn’t cool, regardless of what substance you’re on. But a Columbia University study of alcohol and drugs in fatal crashes shows that marijuana impairment is among the least common factors, while alcohol and prescription drugs remain the highest.
According to the, 31.9 percent of all drivers involved in fatal crashes come up positive on drug screens. Add alcohol to the mix, and you become 23 times more likely to get in an accident than someone who is just solely drinking.

Scott Saed.

To help all of us non-glass artists better understand the industry, evolution and art and science behind how our pipes, bubblers and bongs are made we’ve asked one of Colorado’s most prominent and best-known artists to take on a quasi-regular column we’d like to call: Glass Class.
This week, we’d like to introduce our glass guide and guru, Scott “Trikky” Saed. He’s a humble guy with a lot of talent, but he’s always looking to learn and explore glassblowing more and spread knowledge and skill to the growing world of new-school American glassblowers and pipe makers. Enough of our flattery, we’ll let Saed introduce himself:

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