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Photo: Free Republic
Homeland Security and ICE agents found more than two tons of Jamaican pot aboard the sailboat.

​An in-law of Hardball host Chris Matthews has been charged with running a major marijuana smuggling operation which brought pot to the U.S. from Jamaica.

Local police say that the trail from a pot bust — which they claim was worth $8.1 million — leads to Dartmouth, Massachusetts and James Ormonde Staveley-O’Carroll, a shipbuilder whose daughter, Sarah, is married to Michael Matthews, son of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.
Six weeks ago when federal agents intercepted the 79-foot sailboat Sarah Moira coming from Jamaica, they seized the boat’s cargo of 4,497 pounds of marijuana, and arrested the captain and crew, reports Curt Brown at the Cape Cod Times.

Sue Sisley.

Sue Sisley, the researcher who was going to run the largest PTSD/marijuana study in the country before being fired for political reasons, has been fired again. An apparent victim of hardball politics, the Valley doctor and would-be cannabis researcher was told by the University of Arizona in June to vacate her office at the school’s downtown Phoenix campus.
Now Sisley’s been booted off the Maricopa County Medical Society’s board of officers due to published quotes in September’s Phoenix New Times feature article about her saga, “Weeded Out: How the U of A Fired Pot Researcher Sue Sisley After a State Senator Complained.”

The Government Rag

By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
​The Federal raids have begun again in California. Starting in sunny San Diego, with the intent of plowing north, not stopping ’til Eureka.
They’re not cherry-picking anymore. The first assault arrived last year when the Feds went for the low hanging fruit, closing dispensaries that were situated within a thousand feet of a school. It didn’t matter if the school was operational or not. One of the schools was a ballet studio that was exactly 999 feet away. No leeway. No discussion. You’re closed. 
The restrictions are the same for dispensaries near parks, playgrounds, and other locals where the kinder may be occupying. Because it’s always about the kids… Except when it comes to liquor stores and strip clubs, they’re copacetic.
Then there’s Market Street Coop in San Francisco, which was closed because of a nearby school that moved in after the dispensary opened. That didn’t matter, nor did it matter that there were 13 drinking establishments within the same radius. Obviously these saloons and booze emporiums are zoned for preschools, middle schools, bartender schools, just as long as it isn’t a place people that distributes non-federally taxed medicine to sick people.

Graphic: Action News
The corrupt cops were caught on tape discussing the spoils of their “drug raid” — which netted a quarter-ounce of marijuana.

​​Two Michigan police officers have been criminally charged after being caught on tape during a botched marijuana raid.

Lt. Luke Davis and Lt. Emmanuel Riopelle face dozens of charges in the case, reports Action News WXYZ. Davis headed the undercover narcotics unit. The indictment alleges that he and the others sold drugs and confiscated goods for personal profit.
The rogue cops were caught on audio tape by a local man, Rudy Simpson, during a pot raid (you can hear the audio at the end of this story). Simpson alleges he was the victim of heavy-handed and unprofessional police tactics during the raid on his home. Of course, it was just business as usual for the cops — except this time, a tape was rolling.