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She doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about full legalization though.

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A document preparing Hillary Clinton for her primary debates and released by WIkiLeaks suggests that as President she would continue President Obama’s hands-off policy towards state-legal marijuana industries, as long as they follow broad federal guidelines. Her talking points also suggest some openness to industry banking. (See page 97 of the document for more details.)

Two of the three 30lb parcels of pot that showed up at City Blue this week

Founded on 13th and market Street in downtown Philadelphia in 1981, the high styled retail outlet City Blue now has 25 locations across Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Ohio.
Touting themselves as “a leader and innovator in urban fashion”, managers in all City Blue locations are likely very busy these days ordering in new items to be sure that their shelves are fully stocked for the holiday rush. With so many packages in transit during this time of year, mistakes certainly do happen, but when the manager of the City Blue store in Upper Darby, PA sliced into an unknown package delivered to his store earlier this week, he was greeted by a box full of product that he simply could not sell…at least, not legally.

Philadelphia police have their own agenda, and don’t care about what the people or their city council has to say. In just one month after city council approved a measure decriminalizing small amounts of pot, cops arrested 264 people for pot possession according to data pulled by Philadelphia Magazine.
Granted, the decriminalization measure won’t go into effect until September and the number is down significantly from 476 people one year ago, but it’s clear the cops aren’t giving up their ability to harass people just yet.

Wikimedia commons/SanFranMan59

Hopes were quite high for the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ consideration of a case that would have tested the federal legality of medical marijuana in the Western United states, including California.
Unfortunately, the court dashed the hopes of medical cannabis supporters when it announced Monday that it would not hear oral arguments in the case. What does that mean? LA Weekly has the four-one-one.

Almost every Friday for the last year, Denver Westword has dug up a vintage marijuana-related news article from a treasure trove of small town newspapers. Here’s an old Cannabis Time Capsule they’ve dug up from nearly 136 years ago. It appeared in the now-defunct Colorado Banner newspaper out of Boulder. This December 13, 1877 brief details the schemes of a Philadelphia snake-oil salesman hooking unsuspecting victims on the opium-like wonders of hashish! Cue scary music.
Click over to the Westword for more.

Adam Kokesh.

Every month for the last five months, cannabis activists, advocates, and supporters gather together in downtown Philadelphia in a pro-marijuana protest they have dubbed Smoke Down Prohibition”.
It’s been peaceful for the last four rallies, but that changed last Saturday. Philly police waited for the crowd to spark their ceremonial spliffs, then rushed the mic and pulled guest speaker and Libertarian talk show host Adam Kokesh from the stage, arresting him in front of his supporters on charges of resisting arrest.

All photos by Jack Rikess for Toke of the Town
The climactic moment: 4:20 p.m. on Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park, April 20, 2012

By Jack Rikess

Toke of the Town

Northern California Correspondent

Maybe there’s no greater metaphor for what’s going on with marijuana in 2012 than the proceedings that took place with Friday’s 4/20 celebration in Golden Gate Park. To recognize marijuana or not, that is my question.
Last Wednesday I called the director of Golden Gate Park, wishing to speak to him about the annual 4/20 festivities and if the Park plans to do anything different on that day, e.g. add more trashcans, porta-potties, security, etc… 
I wasn’t allowed to speak to the director because all media questions are to be routed through the Park’s media person. When I asked if they were prepared for this Friday’s yearly gathering she explained that because there weren’t any permits or paperwork submitted, she didn’t know anything about the event.
I was thinking, is this the new “don’t ask, don’t tell?”
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