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​Paris Hilton has canceled her tour of Asia and returned home after she was denied entry at Tokyo’s airport Wednesday following a drug violation in the United States, running afoul of strict Japanese laws that have previously tripped up celebrities as huge as Paul McCartney.

“I’m going back home, and I look forward to coming back to Japan in the future,” said a smiling Hilton before departing on her private jet, reports Associated Press writer Shino Yuasa.
The 29-year-old socialite had arrived at Narita International Airport, outside the Japanese capital, two days after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor cocaine charge in Las Vegas. Japan has strict immigration laws barring entry to those convicted of drug offenses, but exceptions are occasionally granted.
Hilton had been scheduled to appear Wednesday at a news conference in Tokyo to promote her fashion and fragrance lines. She arrived Tuesday evening, but was stopped at the airport and spent the night at an airport hotel after being questioned by Japanese officials.

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Paris Hilton has been briefly detained, then released, after being caught with marijuana (again).

​​American socialite Paris Hilton has reportedly been caught again with marijuana.

The multi-millionaire heiress was arrested and detained shortly on the French island of Corsica after less than a gram of cannabis was found in her handbag when a drug dog alerted officers, according to police, reports Shania Stevewolsen of World Correspondents.
Hilton, 29, was detained after her arrival at the Figari Airport in Corsica, aboard a private jet from Paris, France last Friday.
She was searched in a secure area of the airport police station and an amount of cannabis that weighed less than a gram was found in her handbag, according to Corse-Matin newspaper.
Due to the small amount of marijuana found, she was warned not to travel with drugs, then released within an hour with no criminal charges, the newspaper reported.
The marijuana was confiscated and destroyed.

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Paris tokes it up last month outside Teddy’s, a popular Hollywood nightclub. Her weed-sucking ways have now gotten her in trouble in South Africa.

​Paris Hilton was arrested Friday in South Africa for possession of marijuana, but a court there has dropped charges against the socialite.

Hilton appeared late Friday in a FIFA World Cup courtroom in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, after being arrested on suspicion of possessing cannabis at a football game between Brazil and the Netherlands, reports Andrew Dampf of The Associated Press.
Neither Hilton nor court officials said anything at her court appearance around midnight local timed. She was quickly led away to another room, according to a reporter on the scene.

Held annually since 2010 by Clover Leaf University, the Cannabis Business Awards celebrate some of the industry’s brightest companies and advocates. Although legalization continues expanding to new states every year, the national CBAs are still held in downtown Denver every December, with the latest edition taking place at the Hilton Denver City Center on Wednesday, December 5.

As they did at the 2017 CBAs, Colorado cannabis influencers owned the national competition this year, with nineteen individuals or organizations taking home twenty awards. Notable local winners include Governor-elect Jared Polis (Political Industry Representative of the Year), Wanda James (Most Influential) and activists Jason Cranford and Alexis Bortell (a teenager) for joining in former Denver Bronco Marvin Washington’s lawsuit against the Department of Justice over federal cannabis prohibition.

Patrick Quinn, from a screenshot of KHOU coverage.

Police in this country have a problem. Sure, there may be some good, honest cops out there but they’re too often overshadowed by bully-creeps like 26-year-old Patrick Quinn, a school district cop in Houston.
During a recent traffic stop, Quinn allegedly told a woman he smelled weed in the car. That’s not what he wanted to be smelling, though. Nope. His olfactory glands were tuned to other things: her feet and underwear.

You have probably heard by now that the state of Colorado harvested over five million dollars in the first five days of legal recreational marijuana sales. The 25% tax imposed on those sky-high sales figures will surely be welcomed by all as the funds begin to flow back into their communities.
The implementation of this much needed cannabis reform seems to have opened a lot of eyes, and gained a lot of support from everyone, it seems, except for out-of-touch politicians and “fat and lazy” pundits. Oh, and Mexican narcoterrorist drug cartels.

Wow, the Devil seems a little darker of complexion than than innocently pure white lady.

Worth Repeating
By Ron Marczyk, R.N.
Health Education Teacher (Retired)
Users report that marijuana has a relaxing aphrodisiac effect, and its use increases sexual pleasure. The black jazz “reefer music” of the 1930s was in large part inspired by marijuana.
Marijuana and jazz music go together like a melody and lyrics.
This cultural mix of marijuana, white people liking jazz music and sex all conflicted with the morality of prohibitionists in the 1930s.

How did “male vs. male” sexual competition unconsciously drive marijuana prohibition 75 years ago, leading to the present failed war on marijuana?

This is a historical (circa 1937) psychological deconstruction of the unconscious sexual rationales behind making cannabis — rebranded as evil “marijuana” — illegal.

Washington City Paper

​The United States Supreme Court will decide whether law enforcement should have obtained a search warrant before placing a global positioning system (GPS) tracking device on the car of a Washington, D.C., man who was suspected of dealing drugs, so they could covertly track his movements.

The justices on Tuesday heard oral arguments in an appeal from the Obama Administration, which wants the power to track suspects’ movements without getting a warrant, reports Bill Mears at CNN.
A majority of the justices appeared adamant after a one-hour public session that police officers should have gotten a warrant before placing the device on the subject’s vehicle, Mears reports. A government lawyer didn’t help the Feds’ case when he suggested that such surveillance could be used on members of the Court itself.

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​A new(ish) strain of medical marijuana named after President Barack Obama has hit San Diego dispensaries over the past few months.

The “Obama OG” strain seems to be different than the simple “Obama” pot that one shop was offering in February 2009, reports Dave Maass at San Diego CityBeat. The general consensus on that strain was that it was just a marketing ploy timed to take advantage of the inauguration.
There’s no birth certificate available, but Obama OG seems to actually be one of the latest of the OG Kush strains that have been popular in Southern California, with Skywalker OG being one of the most popular for the past year. The “OG” means it is a descendant of a particular strain of Kush, an indica. The debate still rages among cognoscenti whether “OG” stands for “Ocean Grown” or “Original Gangsta.”
“Call it what you like, Obama OG gives an outstanding and long-lasting therapeutic effect,” reader Paul Smalley of San Diego told Toke of the Town Thursday morning. “I highly recommend it.”
“There’s several schools of thought as to where ‘OG’ came from,’ ” San Diego medical marijuana activist Eugene Davidovich told CityBeat. “And there’s very little standardization or solid information you can find about where it comes from because of the fear a lot of people have of talking about it.”

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Dude won’t be winning any high-IQ tests anytime soon: Clueless Idaho Sen. Denton “Dense” Darrington believes blunt wraps are a threat to civilization in Idaho.

​Let’s be “blunt” about this: With all the real issues facing the Potato State, the Idaho Legislature has some mighty strange priorities.

A bill introduced Monday in the Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee would make it unlawful to sell, manufacture or distribute roll-your-own cigar blunt wraps in the state. This is because blunt wraps, made from tobacco leaves, are widely used by marijuana smokers to consume weed.
The incredibly pinheaded proposal, sponsored by Republican Senator Denton “Dense” Darrington, would give blunt wraps the same status as other supposed “drug paraphernalia,” opening sellers, manufacturers and owners of the products to potential criminal charges, reports Ben Botkin at the Magic Valley Times-News.
The bill comes — you guessed it! — at the urging of Big Tobacco, who would really hate to see Americans switch from smoking their cancer-causing product — which causes 440,000 deaths every year in the U.S. alone — to marijuana, for which nobody seems to be able to find a single substantiated fatality.
The Cigar Association of America claims the wraps “have no legitimate use” and are primarily used to make “marijuana cigarettes.” The horror…. The horror!
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