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Heide Fleiss in her most recent mugshot.

For the second time this year, former Hollywood madam Hedi Fliess has been busted for marijuana near her home in Pahrum, Nevada.
Nye County Sheriff’s deputies say they stopped Fleiss’ Toyata Land Cruiser about 3:30 Tuesday morning and found her to allegedly be under the influence “of a controlled substance”. That gave them probable cause to search her car, where they found a quarter pound of herb and about $10,000 in cash.

Hedi Fleiss from a 2008 booking photo.

Former high-profile Hollywood pimp Heidi Fleiss has been charged with several marijuana-related crimes after police say they found about 400 plants at her Pahrump, Nevada home last week while serving warrants on another woman.
Police in the small town 45 miles west of Las Vegas weren’t originally looking for Fleiss or marijuana, but say that when they scoured the property looking for their target they came upon 158 cannabis plants growing in Fleiss’s backyard.

Photo: Los Angeles Times
Federal agents carry away stolen merchandise, I mean “evidence,” March 15, 2010

​Drug Enforcement Agency agents, with the help of the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, raided two medical marijuana dispensaries in West Hollywood, California on Tuesday. It was the first such action in the city since the Obama Administration decided two years ago to take a hands-off approach to dispensaries in compliance with state laws.

The federal warrants were served on the Zen Healing Collective and on Alternative Herbal Health Services, and one individual was taken into custody, which may result in arrest. Both shops were among the four dispensaries the city had authorized to operate, reports John Hoeffel at The Los Angeles Times.

Photo: FosseTheCat
West Hollywood City Councilman John Duran: “Marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol”

​West Hollywood City Councilman John Duran says he’s the first politician in Southern California to support a statewide ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana for recreational use in the state.

The measure, which appears to have enough signatures but has not yet been certified for the ballot by the Secretary of State, would treat marijuana like alcohol, tax it and make it available to adults 21 and older, reports Dennis Romero at the L.A. Weekly.
Polls indicate a majority of Californians support legalizing marijuana.
The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 is funded by Richard Lee, owner of an Oakland dispensary and Oaksterdam University. His drive got 680,000 signatures; only 433,971 need be valid for the initiative to be on November’s ballot.

Superheroes are all the rage these days. But before Hollywood started cashing in on characters that most of us never knew existed, the weed world was already starting the party, with strains like Kryptonite, Harlequin and Thor’s Hammer. Yet the most popular superhero strain is actually named after a skinny alter ego: Bruce Banner.

Like the Incredible Hulk he morphs into when angry, Bruce Banner’s namesake strain comes in multiple forms and can obliterate a man’s face with one punch. There are three different phenotypes of the sativa, with Bruce Banner #3 being the most popular. All three were bred with OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, but #3 was the charm, with a pudgy bud structure and a high THC percentage. It has tested above 28 percent THC but carries an easy high suitable for most situations — if you don’t hit the joint one too many times.

The lion may be king of the jungle, but the tiger is king of flavor. I’d reminisce about saving my allowance for tiger’s blood snow cones (watermelon, strawberry and a hint of coconut) more often if it weren’t for Charlie Sheen’s implosion. We all know Frosted Flakes are more than good, and Tiger’s Milk was the only edible power bar until the health-food explosion. Face it, Hobbes was right: Tigers are the best. And there’s one more trophy to add to the list: Tiger’s Milk, the cannabis strain.

I only came across Tiger’s Milk within the past year, but we’ve been on a fast track of burning love ever since. This strain has qualities that are rare in the weed world, giving off smells closer to a vanilla milkshake than citrus or pine trees. Bred with Appalachia and Bubba Kush genetics, Tiger’s Milk comes from the mysteriously hidden strain breeder Bodhi Seeds and was eloquently described as “nursing from the smoky tit of a giant psychedelic tiger” by the people at SeedFinder. It’s hard for me to disagree: This milky strain lullabies me to sleep like a wet nurse.

It follows an infamous raid..

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Santa Ana, Calif. paid $100,000 to a the dispensary raided by police in 2015, and agreed to drop misdemeanor charges against employees, in exchange for them agreeing not to sue. Three officers face charges after surveillance footage recorded them mocking an amputee and playing darts during the raid. They argued that they shouldn’t be charged since they believed they had disabled all of the dispensary’s video cameras.

The league and the plant appear to be on a collision course. 

Here’s your daily round-up of pot-news, excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek

Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson will serve a four-game suspension after testing positive for marijuana. Seantrel suffers from Crohn’s Disease and had bowel surgery early this year.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not happy that rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott visited a pot shop in Seattle. Elliott didn’t buy anything according to TMZ. The Cowboys start the season tomorrow with three players suspended for substance abuse violations.

The case was an anomaly in the legal state.

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Federal prosecutors agreed to drop charges against Devontre Thomas, a 19-year who faced prosecution for being caught with a very small amount of weed at a federally run boarding school for Native Americans in Oregon.

A Massachusetts court ruled that smoking MED violated a man’s probation.

Two men face criminal charges connected with the failed attempt to open a cannabis resort on a reservation in South Dakota.

Following a robbery at a Portland dispensary, police said Oregon pot shops are not attracting a disproportionate amount of crime .

The DEA’s criteria for whether a home contains a grow operation are very broad.

The New York Times reports on Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte’s unapologetically brutal war on drugs.

In Connecticut, schoolchildren will used seized grow lights to produce food.

The Kind investigates the judging of High Times Cannabis Cups, and speaks to Max Montrose, a connoisseur and critic of the high stakes process.

Vice learns about life as a “ trim bitch” on an illegal weed farm. The money is good, but conditions aren’t and sexual harassment is a problem.

Rapper Snoop Dogg is the executive producer of the new MTV weed comedy “Mary + Jane.”

Recently retired NFL player Eugene Monroe has a new column at The Cannabist.

Frankie Schnarrs, owner of Frankie’s Sports Pub in Olympia, Wash. said he’ll continue to allow patrons to use cannabis despite a recent fine and suspended liquor license, which he’s also ignoring. “I want them to take my license from me. They can go to Hell,” he told a reporter. “Get out of here. Get off my property.”

The Guardian hangs out with three elderly British women in Amsterdam, while they try pot for the first time. They enjoyed themselves at a playground, swinging on the swings.

Artist Tony Greenhand is well paid to roll joints that resemble guns, animals and other elaborate shapes.

Leafly looks back at jazz great Louis Armstrong’s long fondness for cannabis, which he called “the gage.”

Butane extraction has reached the U.K.

Cannabis tampons.

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