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Photo: Derek Shields
This is the van that handed out free pop lollipops at the Lakers’ parade on Monday.

​​Some of that happiness among fans at the Los Angeles Lakers’ parade on Monday might have been other than the “thrill of victory” kind. As reported here on Toke of the Town on Tuesday, a mysterious medical marijuana truck emblazoned with was giving out free pot lollipops along the parade route.

The truck was handing out marijuana lollipops in hues of orange and blue, the Lakers’ team colors.

Photo: Richard Vogel/AP

​It was a high old time at the Lakers’ victory parade in Los Angeles Monday. A medical marijuana truck emblazoned with was giving out free pot lollipops along the parade route, according to Gale Holland at the Los Angeles Times.

The truck was handing out marijuana lollipops in hues of orange and blue, the Lakers’ team colors, according to the Times.
The pot truck, itself, was green, “with a photo mural of young women in bikinis sorting marijuana leaves,” Holland reports. (If anybody has or can get a picture of the truck, I’d love to run it here on Toke of the Town.)

Photo: Socialite Life
Pothead-in-denial and Spider-Man star Kirsten Dunst getting high in happier times

​Hollywood hottie and party girl Kirsten Dunst, testifying in court in a purse snatching case, said that she doesn’t smoke marijuana. Asked if she used pot, the Spider-Man actress answered with a curt “No.”

“I don’t,” said Dunst, who was testifying at the retrial of a man accused of stealing her purse from a penthouse suite at the SoHo Grand Hotel, reports Laura Italiano at the New York Post.
Dunst was, however, quick to throw her personal assistant, Liat Baruch, under the bus, saying that Baruch did smoke pot.
Baruch remained loyal, testifying that her boss, Dunst, did not know about the pot, reports Melissa Grace at the New York Daily News.

Photo: The Real Potheads of North Hollywood

​The Real Potheads of North Hollywood are celebrating the stoner holiday with 420 Day, a fabulous spoof of Groundhog Day and The Twilight Zone.

The Real Potheads of North Hollywood is an upcoming comedy about all things marijuana.
The social satire follows the lives of four potheads and their square friend. Shot in mock “reality show” style, the show follows these 21st Century slackers’ misadventures.
From running out of weed to discovering an exotic strain of cannabis that turns women into lesbians, you never know what to expect next in North Hollywood.
The show doesn’t spare anyone — it pokes fun at stoners and squares alike.
“Join us and watch these 420 stereotypes in their day-to-day,” said Dave Levin, co-creator and executive producer.  “You’ll laugh so hard you’ll cough in the middle of your bong hit.”
View all three parts of 420 Day after the fold.

Graphic: TMZ

​An upcoming “pot party” in Los Angeles to celebrate President Barack Obama’s first year in office is using Photoshopped image of the Commander In Chief smoking a joint.

The ad features the President puffing a fat doobie in a doctored photo. The event’s organizers say the party will “celebrate Obama ending DEA raids” on medical marijuana patients and providers in states where medical cannabis is legal, report David Edwards and John Byrne at The Raw Story.
According to TMZ, a White House spokesman said the President’s image was used without permission. The spokesman added the Administration has a policy of “disapproving of the use of the President’s name and likeness for commercial purposes.

Photo: Jeanie Mackinder
Bastard’s stoned out of his gourd! Look at him!

​Michael Bublé, he of the wholesome image and music, may just be a regular guy after all.

The clean-cut singer’s embittered ex-girlfriend is doing a lot of talking to the U.K. media. Tiffany Bromley told the press that Bublé regularly smoked marijuana, then would stuff himself with biscuits and cakes to assuage the raging pot munchies.
Yeah, I know; seems like pretty tame stuff to the rest of us, but remember: This is Michael freakin’ Bublé, dudes.
“Michael smoked up to three joints a day when I was with him,” ex-girlfriend Bromley told News of the World.
“He always had a couple in his wash bag ready to go,” the ex-model turned hairpiece maker told the press. “He insisted it was his way of winding down at the end of the day. But sometimes he started the day with one.”
Oh, horrors. Michael Bublé wakes and bakes!
Thing is, Bublé himself beat his pissed-off ex-girlfriend to the punch, a couple of months ago.
Late last year, the singer confessed his marijuana use and partying ways in an interview published in Britain’s The Sun tabloid.

Photo by Laurie Avocado, Wikimedia Commons
We got a thousand of ’em! Medical marijuana dispensary on Ventura Boulevard in L.A.

​How many medical marijuana dispensaries are needed in a city with 4 million people?

That’s the question the Los Angeles City Council will be grappling with Tuesday as they decide how to deal with an explosion of the pot shops. Two years ago, when the number reached 186 registered dispensaries, a moratorium was put in place, but a boilerplate “hardship” exemption was included that proved to be a big enough loophole for hundreds more to slip through.
Current dispensary estimates run between 800 and 1,000, and the truism that “L.A. has more marijuana shops than Starbucks” has already captured the public imagination.
Councilman Jose Huizar has suggested a cap of 70 dispensaries; “I’d rather start with a low number,” he told the Los Angeles Times, calling 70 “a reasonable number” since that would be two for each of L.A.’s designated communities. Huizar’s proposal is one of more than three dozen changes the council will consider as it resumes debate on L.A.’s proposed medical marijuana ordinance.
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