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In a move chided by most medical marijuana patients and just about every medical marijuana collective owner in the state, the Washington state House last night approved a bill that would eliminate medical pot shops as they currently exist and force patients into a heavily-taxed recreational system.
House Bill 2149 passed by a vote of 67 to 29 last night, has been billed as a way to help keep federal agents out of Washington as well as a way to help funnel more tax revenue through the recreational system. The measure also decreases the total amount of plants patients can grow at home from 15 down to six and drops possession limits from 24 ounces to three.

Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries – roughly 150 or so – are one step closer to have a set of state guidelines after lawmakers last week approved a bill creating a medical marijuana dispensary program by a 32 to 27 vote.
House Bill 3460 is now awaiting the signature of Gov. John Kitzhaber to become law. If passed, the bill would not create any new taxes and the industry would pay for the regulations through licensing fees.

A Colorado medical marijuana dispensary.

The state of Oregon is one step closer to having a single, statewide set of medical marijuana dispensary rules today. The state House yesterday gave approval to House Bill 3460, which sponsors say will legitimize the roughly 150 cannabis collectives already existing in the state.
The bill passed on a 31 to 27 margin, with several legislators arguing that the bill doesn’t do enough to ensure cannabis is going to medical patients in need and not hippies who want weed.
Michael Safiotti — in jail for marijuana — died after jail workers served him oatmeal containing dairy products, then refused to help him when he had an allergic reaction. The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department recommends that nobody be charged. How convenient for them!

Michael Saffioti, 22, died in a Snohomish County Jail cell after being locked up on a marijuana charge. Now, thanks to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department, nobody is being held accountable.

Witnesses testified that jail guards mocked the young man as he lay dying, but the Sheriff’s Office announced last week that it would not recommend any charges against guards or staff for the tragedy, reports Jon Humbert at KOMO 4.
Saffioti died of what his mother, Rose Saffioti, believes was a severe allergic reaction; he is allergic to dairy products. He’d had run-ins with the law over marijuana and needed to turn himself in last July after missing a court date.

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Toke of the Town editor Steve Elliott celebrating three years of high points and big hits

Three years ago today — actually, three years ago tonight, at 7:08 p.m. Pacific time — my THC-stained fingers hit the “Post” button for the first-ever story on Toke of the Town.

“The good thing about a free marketplace of ideas is,” I wrote, in the first sentence ever to appear on this site, “despite the best efforts of prohibitionists and their fear-mongering propaganda, the truth eventually prevails.”
More than 3,600 stories later — and with hundreds of joints, medibles, and bongloads littering my path — I’m still loving this gig, and judging by pageviews, so are close to half a million of you every month.

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Patient’s Bill of Rights — You didn’t know you had rights?

Worth Repeating

By Ron Marczyk, RN

The Patient’s Bills of Rights guarantees you the right to make your own health decisions when seeking medical care, which includes all the medicines you personally choose to put into your body, in partnership with your physician’s recommendations, to prevent, heal, or improve your quality of life due to suboptimal health.

The Patient’s Bill of Rights grants you the freedom to use medical marijuana to heal yourself! 
People who are ill, injured, suffering from a disease or disability, and who are prescribed medical marijuana, are patients protected by this Patient’s Bill of Rights (PBR) in or out of the hospital. Wherever your pain goes, so go your patient rights.
Michael Safiotti — in jail for marijuana — died after jail workers served him oatmeal containing dairy products, then refused to help him when he had an allergic reaction

Although marijuana has never killed anyone in history, the marijuana laws have claimed another tragic victim.

Michael Saffioti, 22, who, upon his mother’s advice, had turned himself in to the Lynnwood Police Department after missing a court date, was dead after just one night in the Snohomish County Jail in Washington state, reports Molly Shen of The county could face a lawsuit for ignoring Saffioti’s food allergy.
The young man knew dairy products could kill him; he read labels and carried medication, and suffered severe reactions from just being near dairy protein. His anxiety over the allergy was so severe, in fact, it left him needing medication.

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It’s not Weeds, it’s real.

By Sharon Letts

The property manager broke
it to her gently. The house she grew up in, the home she hoped would one day
help her through retirement was damaged by a grow operation she knew nothing
about. Of course, the property management people didn’t know either. No one

“That’s how it is,” she thought as she drove through her own
neighborhood. “All of these homes could be grow houses. You really can’t tell.”

Photo: NBC Bay Area

​​You should have been there, man. Marijuana lying everywhere on the street for the taking, and no cops around.

San Jose, California police said a white truck illegally carrying marijuana crashed and turned over on its side near Oakridge Mall early on Wednesday, scattering large bags of weed through the intersection as the driver shagged ass out of there on foot.
Several motorists and pedestrians who were lucky enough to be at the scene ran out and grabbed most of the marijuana and took off before police arrived, reports Mike Rosenberg of the Silicon Valley Mercury News.

Graphic: Cannabis Fantastic

​The U.S. Attorney for Oregon has served notice on all medical marijuana growers and dispensary operators, saying the federal government “will not allow” the sale of cannabis anywhere in Oregon.

U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton issued the warning not only to growers, but to landlords, reports Thom Jensen at KATU News. Holton’s warning is part of what seems to be a federal campaign to intimidate medical marijuana providers and patients nationwide in states that heve legalized medicinal cannabis.
“Knowingly financing a marijuana dispensary or allowing one to operate on your property also violates federal law and could subject financier and landlords to civil and criminal penalties,” Holton’s warning reads [PDF].
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