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Screen shot of the grow from CBS5 San Francisco.

We read a lot of fucked-up stories related to cannabis here at Toke, but this one might be the most disturbing we’ve read in a long, long time.
Two California men aged 30 and 24 have been charged with keeping a 15-year-old girl as a work/sex slave on their heavily-armed Clearlake marijuana farm, locking the girl in a 4x2x2 metal box for days on end according to local news

Alarm company ADT refuses to service medical marijuana patients who legally grow their own cannabis

A Sacramento, California AIDS patient who grows medical marijuana said his home alarm company of three years dropped him after a repairman saw cannabis plants inside his house.

“I still want to call the governor,” said the homeowner, Jay, who wanted to remain anonymous. “If this company doesn’t want to recognize our state laws, they maybe we shouldn’t license them [in California],” reports Richard Sharp at KCRA.


​Dispensaries in California appear to be closing as a result of the federal crackdown on medical marijuana.

In conservative Orange County, a threatening letter from federal prosecutors achieved what nearly $600,000 in legal fees couldn’t — shutting down the dispensaries, reports the Associated Press

All eight collectives that had occupied the second floor of a mini-mall in Lake Forest have closed since California’s four U.S. Attorneys announced a couple of weeks ago that they were cracking down on medicinal cannabis sales in the state, reports Greg Risling at the Associated Press.
The healthy competition between the eight dispensaries at the Lake Forest mall was good for everyone, local patient Melissa Morales told Toke of the Town.

“It was like heaven,” Morales told us on Friday. “I got treated like a queen. One of the collectives had a frequent buyer program punch card. You got a free eighth after 10 donations and a free preroll with any edible.”

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​A judge on Thursday ordered the California Highway Patrol to return two pounds of marijuana seized during an arrest in August 2010.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge John Spaunor ordered the police to return the personal property of Kevin Smith (not the famous movie director) of Sacramento after the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office dismissed DUI and marijuana possession charges against him, reports Tom DuHain of KCRA.

Photo: KCRA
This billboard greets drivers coming into Sacramento on Highway 160. Plans call for it to stay up for a year.

​A billboard which advertises medical marijuana evaluations has been raising a few eyebrows as it captures the attention of drivers heading into Sacramento, California.

The sign is on Highway 160, a main highway heading into the downtown area of California’s capitol city, reports KCRA.
Steve Maki, owner of 420 Relief, the company advertising on the billboard, said business has increased since the sign went on display. Maki said his business is a legal operation.