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Mexican marijuana smugglers ingeniously devised a cannabis catapult to launch their payload over the border.

​Smugglers using a catapult to launch marijuana cross the Mexican/U.S. border were seen on a remote video surveillance system last Friday, and National Guard troops coordinated with Mexican authorities to disrupt the operation — although nobody was caught.

National Guard troops running a remote video surveillance system at the Naco Border Patrol Station saw several people south of the International Boundary Fence preparing a catapult and launching packages over the fence, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, reports

Border Patrol agents working with the National Guard contacted Mexican authorities, who hurried to the location and disrupted the catapult team. The camera showed the catapult operators running away before they could be arrested by Mexican law enforcement.

Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Patrol
This is the 593 pounds they found on the rail car. I’d rather see the 4,478 pounds that was mixed in with the squash on the tractor trailer.

​U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers working at the Port of Nogales, Arizona made two marijuana seizures in the space of a couple hours Monday, thwarting attempts to smuggle more than 5,340 pounds of marijuana into the country.

“Every day, our officers and agriculture specialists are out on the line, looking for threats to our way of life,” said Port Director Guadalupe Ramirez, practically breaking into tears at the thought of his own true heroism. “And successes like this make their time and effort worth every minute.”
How inspiring, Mr. Ramirez. I guess that dries up the supply of marijuana in Arizona, then, right? Problem solved? Good job!
May we now assume our “way of life” is no longer “threatened” by “marijuana”?
Well fuckety-fuck! That’s certainly a relief.