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Graphic: Philadelphia Daily News

​REWARD: FABULOUS DRUG STASH!, the professional-looking poster reads. It’s no surprise to learn that it came from a full-service ad-design firm, but that doesn’t lessen the WTF impact. It turns out Kurt Shore is really desperate to recover his stolen laptop computer.

As Shore was leaving his Philadelphia ad agency’s office one night last month, an employee somehow tripped the alarm, reports Michael Smerconish at the Philadelphia Daily News. Not wanting the police to pay an unnecessary visit, Shore left his car running and ran back inside to turn off the alarm. A nearby security camera caught him jogging from his car back into the office.
And that tape also shows, in the next 30 seconds, somebody emerging from a nearby vehicle that had just pulled into the camera’s field of view. A person quickly approaches Shore’s car, open’s the driver’s side door, and removes Shore’s briefcase containing his laptop. The thief then returns to his or her vehicle and leaves.

Today, February 21, as we’ve reported, Denver’s National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws branch is taking part in a lobbying day at the Colorado State Capitol during which lawmakers will get the chance to learn about a major element in the group’s attempt to fix drug-testing laws that put cannabis users at risk of being fired for lawful use. Specifically, they’ll be able to try out Alert Meter, which tests for impairment rather than relying on blood or fluid draws that Denver NORML sees as undependable and unfair.

Flickr/Anupam Kamal edited by Toke of the Town.

While the trigger-happy pukes of the American drug war beat down the doors of innocent citizens, armed to the teeth and prepared to rain down hell on any man, woman or child who stands in their way of busting petty drug offenders, one California tech firm hopes to prevent this brutality with a new watchdog device aimed at monitoring the psychopaths in blue.

It has long been known that the various compounds (cannabinoids) found within the cannabis plant have amazing healing capabilities, particularly when it comes to fighting cancer.
The American mainstream media finally began to catch on after Dr. Sanjay Gupta went primetime on CNN with his groundbreaking documentary, simply titled WEED. Almost overnight, the acronym “CBD” had entered households and vocabularies who would otherwise never consider any form of cannabis.

Dr. Dennis Clark is a 40-year physician in private practice and longtime resident of Long Beach, CA but on April 12, 2012, he got no respect from OCSD. Deputy Michael Thalken and five other deputies raided Clark’s home and allegedly told him to “shut up and sit down” when he asked to see if his name was on the warrant. During a two-hour search, the officers confiscated the doctor’s laptop containing patient information, copies of his tax returns and his 2011 Hyundai Sonata, and they questioned him about his views on medical marijuana.
Last November, Clark sued OCSD and Thalken at the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, claiming that the deputies violated his constitutional rights. According to Clark, deputies obtained the search warrant by tricking Superior Court Judge Andre Manssourian, a former prosecutor, into granting the raid. It’s true that Thalken failed to tell Manssourian the home belonged to a licensed physician or that there was no evidence the doctor violated any state law. OC Weekly has the full story.

U.S. Department of Justice
James Cameron, formerly top drug prosecutor for the state of Maine, is now a fugitive, having been convicted of child pornography charges

Maine’s former top drug prosecutor, James Cameron — who has been convicted on child pornography charges — on Wednesday cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet and disappeared, and is being hunted by the U.S. Marshals Service.

Hours after he learned that his appeal of his child porn convictions had failed and he would likely go back to prison, Cameron, 50, went on the lam and was being sought by law enforcement nationwide, report Craig Cosby and Michael Shepherd of the Kennebec Journal.

The electronic monitoring bracelet was a required condition of his release pending his appeal of a conviction in August 2010 on 13 federal charges of transportation, receiving and possessing child pornography.
Cameron fled early Thursday morning, just hours after the U.S. 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston upheld seven of his 13 convictions and gave the government the ability to retry Cameron on the other six charges. 
The former drug prosecutor has 15 years remaining on his 16-year prison sentence.
Cameron was seen in Hallowell, Maine — where he lived before moving to Rome — driving a tan 1999 Audi A6, license plate 2333PL, according to U.S. Marshals. That car, which he owns, is missing.

Sharon Letts

It’s not Weeds, it’s real
By Sharon Letts

The sound of Jake getting ice in the middle of the night startled Caitlin out of a sound sleep. It was 2:30 a.m., and as was her modus operendi, she lay there, unable to sleep, listening as the ice dropped into his bong one by one. She then followed the trail of his movements through sound as he puttered about, alone.
It takes a life together to have intimacy, and she was wanting.
Jake often stayed up late and slept half the day away. They were surrounded by redwoods, but she could count on one hand how often they had hiked together, let alone waked and baked together.

If there is a cooler backpack, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it.

​Sprayground has launched an all-new line of cool backpacks, including one in which I’m sure a lot of Toke readers will be interested: the “Pipe Dreams” design.

Yeah, finally there’s a backpack as cool as you are. And it’s that back-to-school time of year, too, so why aren’t you rockin’ one of these around that university campus yet?
Sure, Sprayground creates hot bags with iconic imagery, but the design of the backpacks is thoughtful, too. Each one features a plush velour-lined notebook compartment that will accommodate up to a 17-inch laptop, as well as an inside slip pocket for an iPad or tablet PC.
The main compartment includes inner slip pockets and zippers for organization and other devices like MP3 players/iPods and mobile phone holders.
Sprayground backpacks, including the “Pipe Dreams” design, are available for $48 (plus about $5 for FedEx shipping) directly from and across the U.S. at boutique stores like Kiston and major retailers such as Nordstrom.

Photo: MHP of Spokane
Jerry Laberdee in happier days at his dispensary, Medical Herb Providers, in Spokane.

​​There are two ways to look at the federal government’s war on medical marijuana patients and providers. One is the theoretical, statistical way of looking at things — where it’s all numbers —  and another is looking at the pot war’s impact on actual human beings.

The second way is a lot more difficult.

A medical marijuana patient and dispensary owner in Washington state has been on a hunger strike ever since he was jailed six days ago on federal charges.

Jerry Laberdee, 56, has been in Spokane County Jail since last Tuesday, after he refused to take his court-ordered drug test, reports Curtis Cartier at Seattle Weekly. Laberdee says he won’t eat until he’s released and allowed to use medicinal cannabis, as he is legally authorized to do under Washington law.
His daughter, Jessica Vogel, 28, told the Weekly that she hasn’t been able to talk much with her dad since he was jailed, but she hopes his hunger strike will “wake people up.”
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