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Georgia state Sen. Curt Thompson has two plans for legalizing pot next year and he’s not wasting any time getting them into the legislative process. The first bill would give lawmakers the ability to legalize the sale of medical cannabis for patients with certain debilitating conditions — currently there’s a limited, CBD-only law in place.
Thompson’s second bill would legalize the sale of cannabis for adults 21 and up, taxing sales and putting the money toward schools and improving mass transport around the state.

Legalize it.

Voters in Washington D.C. may have approved the legalization of limited amounts of pot for adults 21 and up earlier this month, but the U.S. Congress will have the final say. According to D.C. law, any new legislation Congress can either approve or reject new legislation in within 60 days.
The bill would also become law if no action is taken in that time – and that’s exactly what some lawmakers want to see happen.

Arizona state Rep. Ethan Orr, R-Tucson.

Tucson Republican state Rep. Ethan Orr doesn’t trust the people. Out of fear that a proposed (but unwritten) 2016 marijuana legalization ballot might be too loose of a plan, Orr says he’s going to push for a marijuana legalization bill next year to make sure the state has a say in the rules and regulations.
“I would rather us as elected leaders be the ones directing the conversation and the debate, and ultimately controlling the policy, as opposed to letting it go to a citizens’ initiative where you can’t change the law once it’s in place,” he told the Arizona Capitol Times this week.

New York City Diesel.

The 2015 legislative session doesn’t start for another four moths, but New York state Sen. Liz Krueger says she’s readying a bill that would legalize the recreational use of limited amounts of pot for adults 21 and up.
The bill will be based on originally introduced last December that never made it out of committee, but Kreuger’s office says it will be further amended to be more palatable to other lawmakers.

Jess Swanson via BPBNT.

Kratom, an herb found in Southeast Asia and banned in Thailand, Australia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and recently Indiana and Tennessee, is often used in a drink called kava here in Florida — where it is not banned. Not yet, anyway.
But now, Palm Beach County is considering banning kratom. This is because kratom is considered highly addictive by many and has supposedly been tied to several deaths and multiple emerency-room visits across the country since it was introduced to the U.S. as a sort of pick-me-up coffee substitute. Get more at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.

According to data released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, there were 115,210 registered medical marijuana patients in Colorado at the end of May — close to a record high. That has lawmakers concerned, not because it means there are a lot of sick people in Colorado, but due to the loss of tax revenue from retail cannabis.

Though there are about 13,000 medical cannabis patients in Hawaii, there’s no place for anyone to legally purchase the plant. Currently, patients grow their own, though technically there is nowhere to legally purchase seed or even clones – state law doesn’t even address that.
To address that issue, the Hawaii House Health Committee is looking into the possibility of creating legal dispensaries.

A medical marijuana proposal in Pennsylvania may make it to lawmakers by the start of summer, according to the head of the state Senate Law and Justice Committee.
Sen. Chuck McIlhinney, a Republican from Bucks County, says the committee will likely vote on a medical marijuana proposal before the Senate adjourns sometime later this month until early September.
The committee was in day two of hearings yesterday, marked by the appearance of federal medical marijuana patient Irvin Rosenfeld. Rosenfeld, tub of joints in hand, pleaded with the committee to do the right thing.

“Hi, we’re in Delaware.”

A proposal just now working its way through the Delaware House would make the possession of up to an ounce of herb legal in the state for adults 21 and up. The bill would not allow public consumption or allow for legal cultivation. So if you if procure it illegally and avoid law enforcement who can still bust you for selling and purchasing pot, at least you can smoke it in your house.

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