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North Carolina state Rep. Kelly Alexander is sick of lawmakers in his state refusing to even debate the issue of medical marijuana. He’s attempted several pieces of legislation over the last few years – all shot down in committee – and says the time is right for voters to speak their minds on medical marijuana in the polls.
But other lawmakers hoping to pass a very strict CBD-only medical marijuana bill for children say Alexander’s proposal might sink their ship.

Like other medicines available only with a doctor’s permission, medical marijuana isn’t taxed in Massachusetts. But one lawmaker sees the green of money in all that green marijuana and wants to add a special sales tax to medical cannabis.
Sen. Brian Joyce on Tuesday amended a substance-abuse prevention bill to include a bill that would subject medical marijuana sales to the 6.25 percent state sales tax. That amendment was eventually removed and found ineligible. But that didn’t stop Joyce, who now says he’ll tack it on with the state budget.


Update, 5/1/14: We love when we are wrong about things like this. The Iowa legislature officially passed their CBD-only bill this morning, with the bill clearing both the House and Senate by 4:30 a.m. today.
The bill, which would allow sick Iowans with a doctor’s reccomendation to purchase CBD oil out of state then bring it back to Iowa, passed the house with a 75-20 vote and was approved by the senate with a 38-8 vote. The bill now heads to Gov. Terry Branstad for his signature.

Pot paranoia has been quickly sweeping through the Colorado state legislature, with lawmakers crafting whatever schemes they can to butt in where they aren’t needed in order to combat a non-existent problem.
Case-in-point: last week the Denver coroner made a political statement by including marijuana consumption as a major contributing factor to the suicide-like
death of a 19-year-old college student who had consumed a pot cookie
. As any cannabis consumer can tell you, marijuana doesn’t make you forget the laws of physics nor does it turn people into raging maniacs bent on causing harm to others or themselves.

High-CBD oil.

All signs point toward Floridians approving a medical marijuana proposal on November’s ballot, but the legislature could ease the Sunshine State toward some legalized pot all on their own during this month’s session. One measure, which would kick start research funding into medical marijuana and legalize a non-euphoric strain for epilepsy patients, passed through a House committee with no opposition late last week.

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