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A few years ago, Kurtis Blow found God. Thursday morning, the TSA found weed in Blow’s pants.

TSA Finds ‘An Anomaly’ In Rapper’s Pants

Legendary rapper Kurtis Blow, 51, was busted Thursday morning at Los Angeles International Airport after a TSA body scanner detected “an anomaly” in his pants, which turned out to be a bag of marijuana.

Law enforcement sources told website TMZ that after the new body scanner detected an item in his pocket, a resulting pat-down revealed the weed.
Blow, real name Kurtis Walker Combs, who now says he is a pastor, got a ticket for marijuana possession — after all, an ounce or under of pot is decriminalized in California — and went, weedless, on his way.

The Hanf Hemp Museum in Berlin is a tourist destination for marijuana lovers. Now the city may become even more attractive to potheads.

​A new marijuana policy could make it legal for individuals to possess up to 15 grams (a little more than half an ounce) of pot in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. The rule would make Berlin among the most cannabis friendly cities in Europe.

Berliners have long enjoyed their city’s soft stance on marijuana, reports Spiegel Online. It’s not rare to see people hitting a joint in a city parka, or rolling one up in the back of a café.
But the German capital may take another step toward becoming one of the most pot-tolerant cities in the European Union. The city’s top health official, Katrin Lompscher, said she plans to raise the amount of marijuana and hashish one can legally possess to 15 grams.
pootie_tang (1)Herbert Fuego

Cannabis doesn’t share the same connection to Valentine’s Day as alcohol, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the plant on romantic occasions. Although we’ve never pushed the concept of “aphrodisiac strains,” smoking pot can very much heighten an already existing mood between lovers.

To get that special someone warmed up for Valentine’s Day (or any other special night), here’s a mix of sweet and relaxing strains for getting intimate. Just smoke slowly, you ol’ dawg.

img-3008 (1)Amber Taufen

Imagine stepping into a tub full of steaming hot water, sinking in to maximize your relaxation. As you soak, you start to feel euphoric, full of bliss, and…high. But is that actually possible?

In Colorado, where pot is legal and we clearly care about self-care (Colorado ranks in the top-ten in Google searches for that term over the past five years), it is. Maybe you’ve seen bath products while shopping for flower or edibles at the dispensary and wondered whether indulging was worth your time and money. Maybe you’re just finding out about them now.

737222a5-bcfe-4c52-a18c-37b833a28cb7Herbert Fuego

I had eleven family members in town for a week during the holidays, and about half of us smoke pot. Safe to say, I made a lot of dispensary runs for edibles, which are are still exotic foreign goods to out-of-staters. During all of this shopping for candy bars and gummies, I couldn’t help but notice the same weed-jar label at four or five stores around Denver: Bazookies.

Bazookies isn’t named after the giant à la mode cookie sliced like a pizza (that’s a pizookie), nor is it the same as Zookies, a mix of Animal Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4. No, Bazookies is a hybrid of Bubblegum and Girl Scout Cookies, in which old and new genetics meld into a relaxing yet productive high that works almost any time of day.

solace-meds-sticky-buds-colax-mitchell-2019 (2)Thomas Mitchell | Toke of the Town

Brian Garret almost tripped as he approached his favorite dispensary, Sticky Buds, on September 3 — and it wasn’t because of Denver’s lousy sidewalks. Garret’s pot shop of choice on Colfax Avenue had a banner hanging out front, announcing new ownership.

“I called the other location [on South Broadway], and they said Solace Meds took over that one, too,” he said at the time. “Everything inside was pretty much the same, but things will probably change with time.”

Garret, who just wanted to get home for an after-work dab on a hot summer day, probably didn’t realize how metaphorical his statement was. Natural market evolution and new state laws allowing out-of-state investors, publicly held companies and more large venture funds to own pot companies have set up Colorado’s cannabis field for some big changes late this year.

strain_9-26Herbert Fuego

Everybody has their own tells when they’re high. For most people, it’s the red eyes, giggles or slow reaction time, but my giveaway has always been weed breath. Brushing teeth, drinking soda, chewing gum — none of them work as fast as they should, and that’s tripped me up plenty of times during conversations and other face-to-face encounters.

So a strain like Mendo Breath, known for heavy relaxation and cottonmouth, wasn’t going to put me in any sticky situation that I don’t already routinely find myself in. In fact, trial runs with Mendo Breath’s daughters, Cactus Breath and Garlic Breath, made me exhale no more fire than usual, so I felt more than ready to take on the parent.

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