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November 1 was bad day for Atlanta’s Amy Seiber. After waking up and heading to her job at Wendy’s to flip burgers all day, she realized that the half-blunt she had saved for herself had gone missing.
That’s bad, but not the really bad part. The bad part is that her blunt was a few miles away in the kitchen of some fast-food junkie ready to scarf down her quarter-pounder with chee’. More specifically: inside the bun of said quarter-pounder with chee.

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I’ll have one of each, please.

​While cannabis-infused soft drinks have been around for awhile, a new brand, Canna Cola, seems to have hit a marketing sweet spot, because its February debut in Colorado is getting a ton of media buzz.

Canna Cola is positioning itself as the “light beer” of marijuana drinks, since it has a lower THC content (35 to 65 mg) than other brands currently on the market, according to Scott Riddell of marketers Diavolo Brands, reports Wallace Baine of the Santa Cruz Sentinel.
“It’s got a mild marijuana taste,” Riddell told the Sentinel. “But the taste factor is really negligible compared to some competitors with three times the THC. When you get to that level, you really have a heavy aftertaste.”

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​A teenage fan was arrested at legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne’s book signing after police officers saw him smoking marijuana in the book store.

Nathan Robert Mosier, 19, was arrested at the book signing at a Barnes & Noble book store in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., where Osbourne was promoting his autobiography, reports Julius Whigham II at The Palm Beach Post.
Officers found “marijuana and fireworks” on the teenager, according to Palm Beach Gardens Police spokeswoman Ellen Lovejoy.
When officers saw Moser smoking pot in the store around 8 p.m. Friday, they approached and the suspect took off running, Lovejoy said.
The officers ran down Moser and found what appeared to be homemade fireworks during a search of his backpack. A bomb squad was called to the book store, and the fireworks were taken away to be disposed of, according to Lovejoy.