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In 1999, the voters in Maine approved the state’s first medical marijuana bill with a lopsided 61% approval. A decade later, the law was improved upon to allow for storefront dispensaries and to broaden the list of acceptable medical conditions that marijuana could be recommended for. In 2011, the law was built upon once again, protecting patients’ rights by making many registration processes optional.
In November of 2013 Portland, Oregon became the first city on the east coast to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults over the age of 21. In November of this year, the city of South Portland became the second.
Statewide recreational marijuana legalization -similar to what we’ve seen in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and D.C. – appears to be inevitable in Maine.

If it isn’t going to be legalized, adults who choose to consume cannabis shouldn’t be treated like criminals. That idea is the basis for citywide ballot measures in Lewiston, South Portland and York that would decriminalize up to an ounce of herb as well as the use of ganja on private property.
Public use would remain illegal. So would selling it, growing it, distributing it, importing it and even smoking it in your rental unit if your lease forbids it.

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Jermaine Dupri was cruising South Beach with his boys when cops noticed the black Lincoln Navigator’s tint was so dark that they couldn’t identify the race, sex, or number of passengers inside the SUV. Police pulled over the party to see who was headed north on Washington Avenue at 3:24 a.m. and what they had to hide.
Two officers noticed a “strong odor of marijuana emanating from within the vehicle.” There was no weed present, however. Still, they called in backup. Dupri tweeted: “Somebody pls call TMZ. Five police cars just pulled us over cause [names]got the car smelling like snoop dogg. oh shit!… lol this is a movie.” Miami New Times has the rest.

Hey there pot smoker! By chance, do you live in Portland, Maine and have up to 2.5 ounces of pot on your possession right now? You do? Well guess what, that’s legal.
Thanks to a whopping 67 percent vote back on November 5, the entire city has legalized the possession of limited amounts of pot for adults over 21. Smoking it in public is still illegal though, as is selling it, growing it, distributing it, importing it and even smoking it in their apartments is illegal if your landlords are uncool about it.

A bill that would have legalized marijuana in Maine (albeit with some rather heavy restrictions) will not be seeing any action this year in the state legislature.
The ‘Act to Align Maine’s Marijuana Laws with the Guidelines Governing Taxation and Regulation Issued by the Federal Government” last night failed to make it through a ten-member council charged with approving bills for consideration in the coming legislation session.

The Maine Legislative Council today will vote on whether or not to allow a measure to be introduced in the coming session that would legalize the possession, cultivation and use of limited amounts of cannabis for adults 21 and up.
Portland Rep. Diane Russell, who introduced the bill and who’s city voted to legalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis earlier this month, says she’s hopeful the measure will move forward.

Portland, Maine has legalized the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana for adults over 21, with more than 70 percent of voters in the city giving their approval to the measure.
While certainly a step in the right direction, the bill was mostly symbolic. Marijuana cultivation remains illegal, and 2.5 ounces of cannabis was already among the lowest civil penalties in the city. The legalization does eliminate up to $600 in fines for those caught with 2.5 ounces or less, however.

Portland, Maine voters this November are being asked to legalize the possession (not the purchase or sale, mind you) of up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis for adults over the age of 21 in the city. Currently, that amount is decriminalized with no jail time and a maximum $600 fine.
While the law change really won’t changemuch, news reports this week tout Portland as a test-case for future East Coast cities and states thinking about similar progressive marijuana laws. But is it?


Portland, Maine voters will decide this November whether or not to legalize up to 2.5 ounce of cannabis for adults 21 and older in the city prompted by a petition signed by more than 3,200 residents – more than double the 1,500 that were necessary.
Portland City Council last night voted 5 to 1 not to accept the measures, but to put the measure to voters. The majority of the voting members seemed against the plan. Council member John Coyne, told the Portland Press Herald that the move “lowers the bar for Portland” and invites the feds to choke-off federal funding and could potentially risk state funding as well.

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