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A Florida woman was abruptly visited by Florida Child Protective Services last week on an anonymous tip that she had been administering marijuana to her son, who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy.
Turns out, Renee Petro was not administering any marijuana to her 12-year-old son, Branden. Petro has, however, been an outspoken advocate for medical marijuana. The real crime, it would seem, was the intrusion of CPS agents arriving at her home to interrogate her 9-year-old daughter and the nurse who takes care of Branden.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office
Mark Fiasco: Thanks, sheriff dudes… I’ve been looking for that bong for seven years, brah!

​It was a bad news/good news scenario. A Florida man got busted for marijuana, but the search of his trunk revealed a bong inside a plastic shopping bag that he said had been lost for years.

Mark Fiasco (yes, that’s really his last name) thanked deputies who arrested him Friday morning during a vehicle search that also turned up the bong he said he lost years ago, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, reports Paradise Afshar of The Bradenton Herald.
Fiasco and Matthew Haley were pulled over around midnight; officers claimed a license plate light was out. The deputies’ report said the car had also been involved in a previous drug case in which an arrest was made.
When deputies first approached Fiasco, 23, he provided an address that did not match what was listed on his license. He was then asked if there were any drugs in the car and he said no, according to the report.
A search of the vehicle — to which Fiasco apparently consented, which you should never do — revealed just over an ounce, 29.3 grams of marijuana, to be precise, in the trunk. The search also revealed a big bong inside a plastic shopping bag.

Raymond Stanley Roberts: “I was thinking about my kids and putting food in their mouths”

​The Florida man who infamously got arrested in Manatee County last week for having marijuana and cocaine allegedly stashed in his butt — ony to later deny to cops that the cocaine wasn’t his — has confessed both controlled substances belonged to him.

Raymond Stanley Roberts told he was selling drugs “to support his family.”
“What am I supposed to do to earn money?” Roberts said. “I have two kids and we’re in a recession. No one is hiring. I’m a black man who has put in hundreds of applications for legit work, but always came up empty.”
Roberts was driving his four-year-old son to school when Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies pulled him over for allegedly speeding.
When deputies approached the vehicle, they claimed to smell marijuana coming from Roberts’ car, according to their arrest report.
“I do smoke marijuana,” Roberts admitted to

Raymond Stanley Roberts: “The white stuff is not mine, but the weed is”

​The search of a 25-year-old Florida man following a traffic stop Wednesday morning revealed a bag of marijuana and a bag of cocaine in the driver’s buttocks, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. The driver said only the marijuana belonged to him.

Raymond Stanley Roberts was pulled over at 8:40 a.m. in Manatee. As deputies approached the Hyundai, they claimed they could smell a “strong odor of marijuana” coming from the vehicle, reports Paradise Afshar at
After writing Roberts a speeding ticket, one of the deputies asked him if he smoked marijuana, and when he had done it last. Roberts replied that he smoked pot the night before and there was nothing in the car, according to the arrest report.
He then told the two deputies to search his car.
While searching Roberts’ person, deputies said they felt a “soft object in his buttocks.” Roberts then said, “Let me get it,” and pulled a clear plastic bag containing 4.5 grams of marijuana out of his butt, according to the report.
He was then asked if he was “holding” anything else, and Roberts said no.