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Homeland Security and ICE agents found more than two tons of Jamaican pot aboard the sailboat.

​An in-law of Hardball host Chris Matthews has been charged with running a major marijuana smuggling operation which brought pot to the U.S. from Jamaica.

Local police say that the trail from a pot bust — which they claim was worth $8.1 million — leads to Dartmouth, Massachusetts and James Ormonde Staveley-O’Carroll, a shipbuilder whose daughter, Sarah, is married to Michael Matthews, son of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.
Six weeks ago when federal agents intercepted the 79-foot sailboat Sarah Moira coming from Jamaica, they seized the boat’s cargo of 4,497 pounds of marijuana, and arrested the captain and crew, reports Curt Brown at the Cape Cod Times.

One of the biggest cannatech raises to date.

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Delivery service Eaze raised $13M from venture capitalists including the Winklevoss Brothers.

Cannabis has a $2.4 billion economic impact in Colorado, according to a report from the Marijuana Policy Group. It predicts that sales in the state will plateau at $1.5 billion in 2020. The industry has created18,000 jobs in the state (not all of them directly) and is bigger than Colorado’s craft beer industry.

Peter Reynolds Watch

By Kevin John Braid
Special to Toke of the Town
The murky world of far-Right politics has never been associated with marijuana legalization.  That is, until recently, in the UK, where a small political party, CLEAR, campaigning for cannabis law reform in Britain, has been marred with controversy by its leader, Peter Reynolds. Reynolds is a self-confessed Tory (that’s like a US Republican) and former member of the UK Freedom Party, a breakaway party from the far right British National Party (BNP).
It all started back in early 2011 when the members of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA), a longstanding pressure group in the UK campaigning to end prohibition of marijuana in Britain, voted to register as an official political party, who then subsequently elected Peter Reynolds as the party leader. Boasting a seemingly impressive C.V., Reynolds came into the UK cannabis scene promising to clean up the image and make great progress with politicians to get a change of law brought about in Britain.

Get Surrey
Activist Winston Matthews, 55 and disabled, is being jailed for 16 months for growing cannabis to treat his back pain

​British pro-cannabis campaigner Winston Matthews, 55, who refused to stop growing marijuana despite repeated arrests, has been jailed for 16 months in the U.K.

Matthews, of Upfield Close, Horley, admitted violating a suspended sentence he was given on August 23, 2010, as well as three counts of cultivating cannabis and two counts of possession between August 28 and December 16 that same year, reports Ben Endley at Get Surrey.

He had been scheduled for sentencing last Friday but the hearing was deferred until Monday, when Judge Suzan Matthews (no relation) admitted the case was “unique” but insisted the grandfather of two still had to be jailed.
The day before his sentencing, Matthews, an outspoken member of Surrey’s Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA), posted on Facebook about the case.
“All I had to do to get a deferred sentence yesterday [February 3] was lie to a judge and say I’d stop taking cannabis!” he posted. “I wasn’t prepared to do that! One love!”

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Maybe they should be brown shirts instead.

​Remember as kids, we were taught that one of the worst things about totalitarian regimes was their propensity to get children to snitch out their parents? Well, welcome to the U.S.S.A.

Two North Carolina parents are facing marijuana charges after their child took their cannabis to school and told an officer there that his parents were breaking the law.

The names of both the parents and the school are being withheld to protect the child’s identity, reports Jeff Rivenbark at WBTV.

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​A new poll has found that a solid majority of New Yorkers — more than 60 percent — are in favor of legalizing marijuana for medical uses.

According to the Cornell University Survey Research Institute poll, there is a marked difference between Democrats and unaffiliated voters on one side and Republicans on the other. Among Democrats, 66 percent support medical legalization, as do 68 percent of independents, reports Cara Matthews at
But a plurality of Republicans — 48 percent — are against medical marijuana legalization.