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Claire McCaskill.

Senator Claire McCaskill might be Missourians’ “liberal” voice in Washington D.C., but when it comes to reforming marijuana laws, the Democrat lawmaker is quite the conservative.
On Monday, McCaskill attended a town hall in Columbia where she fielded questions on a wide array of issues, including jobs, the economy, Ukraine, and of course there was some guy asking about Benghazi. But among the main concerns of McCaskill’s constituents was the cannabis question.

Like any politician these days, Senator Claire McCaskill wants to talk about jobs, the economy, and how she can create more jobs and a better economy. But during her town-hall meetings across Missouri this week, McCaskill was bombarded with questions about marijuana legalization — and she’s really surprised about that.
Fortunately, that didn’t stop people from asking McCaskill about marijuana reform, including whether rape survivors and war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder should be allowed to medicate with marijuana instead of powerful pharmaceutical painkillers.

Graphic: Break The Matrix

​Name one government program that for 40 years has failed to achieve any of its goals, yet receives bigger and bigger budgets every year. If you said “the War on Drugs,” you’ve been paying attention.

The Obama Administration is unable to show that the billions of dollar spent in the War On Drugs have significantly affected the flow of illicit substances into the United States, according to two government reports and outside experts.

The reports specifically criticize the government’s growing use of U.S. contractors, which were paid more than $3 billion to train local prosecutors and police, help eradicate coca fields, and operate surveillance equipment in the battle against the expanding drug trade in Latin America over the past five years, reports Brian Bennett of the Los Angeles Times.
“We are wasting tax dollars and throwing money at a problem without even knowing what we are getting in return,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), who chairs the Senate subcommittee that wrote one of the reports, which was released on Wednesday.

Photo: WIS-TV
Sgt. Oddie Tribble puts the beatdown on marijuana suspect Charles Shelley on Thursday.

​A South Carolina sheriff’s deputy has been fired after he was caught on tape repeatedly hitting a handcuffed inmate who had been arrested for possession of marijuana.
The videotape shows Sgt. Oddie Tribble Jr., 50, beating a handcuffed Charles Shelley, 38, with his police baton, breaking the victim’s leg.
The State Law Enforcement Division and the South Carolina Attorney General are now involved in the investigation of the deputy, reports Brad Franko of WIS-TV.
Kershaw County Sheriff Steve McCaskill said he fired Sgt. Tribble on Friday, one day after the incident at the Kershaw County Detention Center.
Shelley told TV station WIS by phone on Monday that he and Tribble had “exchanged words,” and then Tribble ordered him to get out of the police van.