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There were thirty of us, all women, practicing our breathing in very specific ways for two minutes. Some breathed in through their tongues, rolled like straws, and then out through their noses slowly, while others breathed in and out sharply, using their diaphragms. Both systems felt odd, but the final result left me less skeptical than when I’d first walked in the door.

I felt calmer and less anxious, a common goal of breathing practices and meditation, but that is just one part of the puzzle that Becca Williams solved with cannabis, changing her life in the process. Williams, who describes herself as a “ceremonialist soulcraft practitioner and plant medicine integrationist,” has been performing cannabis elevation ceremonies with a combination of high-CBD flower and Eastern meditation practices for over a year, to “enrich and heal” the lives of others, she says.

Sharon Letts

Humboldt Stories
By Sharon Letts
The reindeer slowed above Seattle and headed across Puget Sound to Kingston, where an old friend waited with a small container of medicine.
Santa adjusted his glasses, cleared the GPS, rubbed his lower back, and called out landing instructions to Rudolph: “The rooftop of Steve Elliott’s house,” he commanded.
Steve could be seen in the distance making his way up a ladder at the side of the house. It was a ritual he had gotten used to, but rarely shared with anyone. Some shit is just not worth repeating. 
Worth Repeating

By Ron Marczyk, RN

Americans for Safe Access
Now, the battle over rescheduling has moved from DEA and HHS to the federal courts.
“The DEA had ignored accumulating evidence of marijuana’s benefits, and so acted “arbitrarily and capriciously” in rejecting the rescheduling petition last year. Federal law requires the agency to take such evidence into account, accusing the Department of Health and Human Services of creating a Catch-22 for medical marijuana advocates by strictly limiting researchers’ access to marijuana, then arguing there is insufficient scientific evidence to merit rescheduling it.”
The present day drug scheduling is an incomplete scale in that it only lists negatives!
Medical marijuana does not fit into the present drug schedule; this unique medicine is so special that its multitude of many actions creates its own stand-alone category, a “positive side,” mirror-image type of drug scheduling.

Crucify The Ego

Worth Repeating
By Ron Marczyk, R.N.
Health Education Teacher (Retired)
Ever notice that when people smoke marijuana they are frequently overcome with feelings of deep introspection and metacognition which often lead to lively discussions with overt existential themes?
Cannabinoids increase introspection, metacognition, emotional sentience, and entheogenic experiences.
Perhaps these effects are responsible for the sharp decrease seen in suicide rates of young men?
Perhaps medical marijuana makes life worth living!
This curious, and well known effect of marijuana’s overall euphoria “to bear well” is apparently caused by activating emotional sentience pathways in the amygdala — and that’s a good thing!

Global Ganja Report

Worth Repeating
By Ron Marczyk, R.N.
Health Education Teacher (Retired)

“We conclude that the legalization of medical marijuana leads to an improvement in the psychological well being of young adult males, an improvement that is reflected in fewer suicides.”
This story didn’t make it past the network news filters, was ignored by the mainstream media, and numerous mental health/suicide prevention organizations would not even comment about it!
Then, 17 days later:
Why would a “good news” marijuana story, like where suicides markedly declined, be ignored by the media?

The Money Times

​​A Seattle medical marijuana recommendation clinic has joined forces with several local collectives to offer free and reduced cost educational classes to their patients.

“We wanted to offer the best training, wellness, and educational services to the access points that exemplify the best practices and standards for the industry in the Seattle area,” said director Greta Carter of the C.A.R.E. Medical Group of Seattle.
Seattle metro area collectives joining CARE to present the classes include The CPC; Conscious Care Cooperative in Ballard, Lake City and Aurora; Green Hope in Shoreline; The Dockside in Fremont; The Joint Cooperative in the University District; and NWRPC in West Seattle, according to Carter.
“With the belief that education is an important key to the success of any healthcare program, the C.A.R.E. Loyalty Program will allow patients from different medical cannabis access points to learn about a variety of topics from cooking with medical cannabis to the laws that protect the rights of patients, providers, and healthcare providers,” reads a Tuesday press release from CARE.

Sons Of Bill Simmons
Ricky Williams doesn’t think weed jokes are funny.

​National Football League star Ricky Williams — caught multiple times for smoking weed — doesn’t think your weed jokes are funny. In fact, one of the reasons he doesn’t use Twitter much is the constant barrage of pot punchlines, the football hero tweeted on Friday. 

Williams, of the Baltimore Ravens, has quite a history with marijuana himself, reports Zach Wilt at the Baltimore Sports Report. The former Miami Dolphins running back supposedly “retired from football” after facing a whopping $650,000 fine for failing a piss test in December 2003 (his second such transgression), violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. 
After taking 2004 off, he returned to the Dolphins in 2005, but failed yet another drug test after the season, which this time earned him a 16-game suspension from the NFL (that’s a full year’s worth of games, for you non-football fans).
Williams at that point took his under-appreciated talents north to Canada and played for the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts. He claimed he “found himself” during this time and returned to Miami in 2007 while following a strict drug-test regimen imposed by the NFL.
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