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Surprise, surprise! More gutless non-leadership from the Party of No

Senate Republicans and Conservative Party Break With Top Law Enforcement Officials to Kill Legislation Clarifying Marijuana Possession Laws; Measure Supported by Cuomo, Bloomberg, NYPD Commissioner, District Attorneys Throughout State
Over 50,000 Needless Arrests Cost Taxpayers $75 million a Year, Undermine Ability of Youth to Gain Employment; Majority Leader Skelos and Conservative Party Leader Mike Long Apparently Believe Wasteful, Unlawful, Racially Biased Arrests is “Right Message” for “Youngsters”
Operations Order by Commissioner Kelly Has Proven To Be Ineffective; Advocates, Community Groups and Elected Officials Vow to Continue Fight for Legislation That Ensures Equity, Fairness and Fiscal Responsibility
Monday night, lawmakers in Albany failed to reach agreement on legislation to reduce the staggering number of unlawful, biased arrests for marijuana possession in New York.
The proposal, unveiled by Governor Andrew Cuomo two weeks ago and introduced in the Assembly by Assemblymember Hakeem Jeffries, was widely seen as a responsible measure to address the inconsistency and unfairness in the marijuana possession laws in New York. Yet Senate Republicans refused to take up the matter, appearing shaken, intimidated and frightened by threats from Conservative Party Leader Mike Long, who declared he would pull the Conservative Party line from anyone who supported the measure.
The Senate – in what can only be called a stunning failure of leadership – then refused to take up the legislation, undermining reform. Because of inaction in the Senate, tens of thousands of people, predominately young men of color, will continue to be needlessly funneled through the criminal justice system at an expense of tens of millions of dollars to state taxpayers and untold damage to the relationships between law enforcement and communities in New York.

Your Expert Nation
Greg Mowery: “As someone who’s eaten plenty of pot-laced brownies, pot tastes awful”

Now that marijuana’s entering the mainstream, we get pot culture articles even from right-wing propaganda factories like Fox News. A culinary expert offers his negative opinions of marijuana’s taste in the latest cannabis coverage from Fox.

“StoveTop Readings” blogger and cookbook publicist Greg Mowery, Fox News tells us, has “worked with the country’s top cookbook authors and chefs for 25 years,” and in his opinion, pot is bitter, acrid and unpalatable Nothing in the taste of marijuana, according to Mowery, makes food taste better.

Drug Policy Alliance – New York Office
Knock knock, Mayor Bloomberg — we want change! Illegal searches and bogus misdemeanor arrests for marijuana must stop.

Community Members March to Mayor Bloomberg’s House to Protest Out of Control Marijuana Arrest Crusade in NYC
Under Bloomberg, More Than 400,000 People Arrested on Low-Level Marijuana Charges in NYC, at a Cost of More Than $600 Million; Most Are Black and Latino, Despite Whites Using Marijuana at Higher Rates 
Illegal Searches and Bogus Misdemeanor Arrests Continue, Despite Order by Commissioner Kelly to Halt Unlawful Police Practices
Marijuana Arrests Are #1 Offense in NYC and Make up 15% of all Arrests
On Thursday, community members and New Yorkers for Health & Safety marched to Mayor Bloomberg’s house to demand an end to illegal, racially biased and costly marijuana arrests.  While Bloomberg proposes cuts to New York City public libraries, firehouses, and after-school programs, he’s spending at least $75 million a year for these arrests.
In 2011, there were 50,684 marijuana possession arrests, the top arrest in New York City and second highest number of marijuana arrests in City history, despite a directive issued to police officers by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly last year, ordering them to end such arrests.

Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd
Tony Bower, above, with cannabis plants and materials from anonymous donors after a recent police raid seized his entire crop, which had been labelled for individual patients

One does not simply shut down an Australian medical cannabis farm. At least, not when Tony Bower’s running it.
Just days after a police raid, Bower — an Australian medical marijuana grower and tincture maker — is undeterred and has assured his patients that their supply of medicinal cannabis tincture will be uninterrupted. According to Bower, the director of Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd in New South Wales, anonymous donors have donated cannabis plants to keep the operation going.
“I would like to thank those people who have kindly donated plants and supplies to help the medicine to continue,” Bower said on Wednesday. “People need the medicine. I don’t want anyone to be worried or stressed. The medicine will continue to be there for them.”

Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd
Tony Bower, Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd: “I know that I can help people with my medicine”

​The director of Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd in New South Wales, Australia on Wednesday shamed the police for recently raiding his grow operation, saying he has maintained “clear accountability and transparency” in his business. “All relevant state and federal government departments have been fully aware of Mullaways’ operations for years,” said Tony Bower.

“I am deeply offended that the New South Wales Police force have brought charges against me under the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act,” Bower said. “The medical cannabis seized by police, and the tincture does not fall under the scope of the New South Wales Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act. I intend to vigorously defend the charges.”
Ironically, Mullaways tincture — which contains high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids, but very low levels of THC, the primary marijuana ingredient which gets you high — is even less psychoactive than Sativex, the legal cannabis tincture manufactured by British prescription drug giant GW Pharmaceutical.
“The medical cannabis tincture does not get people stoned; it is non-psychotropic and is not open to misuse,” Bower explained.

Opposing Views
Did the Feds think of the impact that their letters and raids have had on the patients who depend on places like the Berkeley Patients Group?

By Bob Starrett
He looked a bit suspicious, standing in front of the Blockbuster kiosk at the 7-11 talking on his cell phone. He wasn’t renting a movie so I asked him to move to the side. As I was perusing the latest releases, he walked into the store.
Just seconds later he was out and gone. As he streaked past me, I could hear the jingling of coins in a jar but by the time I realized what was happening he was too far gone for me to do anything about it.
An approaching woman told me that there was a car idling in the alley, apparently the getaway car. It was over so quickly. It was only then that I realized that all I would have had to do was lift up my right leg as he was accelerating by me and he would have done a faceplant onto the concrete.
A common thief. A street thief. Steal anything from anyone, without regret, without thought of consequence. He probably did not pick a particular charity jar to take. He likely took whatever was closest to the door. And then he was gone, just like that. No thought to the charity, no thought at all.

Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd
Tony Bower, Mullaways: “My culture does not allow me to refuse help to people who ask for it and where I know I can help”

​The New South Wales Police have hit a new low by descending in an expensive taxpayer-funded operation with a police helicopter and confiscating a medical cannabis crop intended for patients. The crop was a strain of cannabis bred specifically to be extracted into a medical tincture.

Each of the plants had been labelled for specific patients, according to Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd. “Through the confiscation of this medical cannabis crop, the NSW Police have deprived many Australians of their medicine,” Mullaways said. “It is a form of discrimination against sufferers of chronic illness and pain who need this medicine — medical cannabis.”

Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/San Bernardino Sun
A federal DEA agent enters G3 Holistic on Monday morning, March 12, 2012, in Upland, California. Federal agents served a search warrant at the medical marijuana dispensary, which has been at odds with the city for a couple of years.

​The Drug Enforcement Administration at 9:30 on Monday morning served a search warrant at G3 Holistic, Inc., a medical marijuana dispensary that has been at odds with the city of Upland, California for a couple of years.

Seized in the raid were at least 25 pounds of marijuana and 89 pounds of medicated edible products containing cannabis, according to the DEA, report Canan Tasci and Melissa Pinion-Whitt of the San Bernardino Sun.
No arrests have been made.
DEA spokeswoman Sarah Pullen confirmed that a search warrant had been served at G3 and that the federal agency has been “working with” California Attorney General Kamala Harris’s office.

Toke it out, Joan.

Hey, that weed smells like… a publicity stunt! Veteran comedian Joan Rivers freaked out some American TV viewers on Tuesday by smoking marijuana on her reality show.

Rivers was shown getting medicinal cannabis from a California dispensary before puffing it from a pipe while sitting in her car with a pal, reports
As the marijuana takes effect, Rivers dissolves into giggles and is driven home by a friend, stopping on the way to pick up burgers and fries.


​New Data Released: Illegal Searches and Manufactured Misdemeanors Continue Despite Order by Commissioner Kelly to Halt Unlawful Arrests
More Than 400,000 People Arrested on Low-Level Marijuana Charges in NYC in the Past Decade; Most Are Young Blacks and Latinos, Despite Whites Using Marijuana at Higher Rates
2011 Arrests Cost Taxpayers Over $75 Million; Bloomberg Spends More Than $600 Million on Bogus Marijuana Arrests In Last Decade
According to data just released by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, the New York City Police Department continued their quixotic marijuana arrest crusade in 2011, surpassing 2010’s near-record amount of low-level marijuana arrests.
In 2011, the NYPD made more than 50,680 arrests for the lowest-level marijuana possession offense, making 2011 the second-highest period for marijuana arrests in New York City history.