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Photo: MPR News
Mike Meno: “Leaving MPP was not an easy decision… but continuing circumstances at the organization compelled me to look for other opportunities”

​Citing “continuing circumstances at the organization,” Mike Meno, director of communications at the Washington, D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project, announced on Wednesday that he is leaving the group.

“It’s with mixed emotions that I’m writing to let you know I’ve decided to leave the Marijuana Policy Project at the end of this year,” Meno wrote in an email addressed to “Friends and Colleagues.”
“Leaving MPP was not an easy decision, especially considering how much I believe in its mission and how much progress our movement has made in the last year,” Meno said, “but continuing circumstances at the organization compelled me to look for other opportunities.”
Charlotte’s Web in flower.

Over the last year one marijuana strain has gained more attention than any other. Charlotte’s Web, a high-CBD strain bred out by, Realm of Caring, a group of dispensary owners in Colorado has quickly become a buzz-word among lawmakers across the U.S. The effect is that many people seem to think that Charlotte’s Web is the only high-CBD strain out there, and that children suffering from seizures must have access to Charlotte’s Web specifically.
While the strain has definitely been shown to help children, it isn’t the only one despite what the PR machine behind Realm of Caring would have everyone believe. Eleven states passed high-CBD laws this past session, and many of them use Charlotte’s Web specifically in their names. Included in that is a bill submitted this week dubbed the Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp act of 2014 which would legalize the proprietary strain federally.


Just when a corporate giant like the New York Times begins to restore your faith in the main stream media, along comes another Sunday episode of Meet The Press to leave you stopping in mid-toke to scream at your TV.
The channel cannot change fast enough when someone like John McCain is being asked, for some damn reason, for his opinion on foreign policy, yet not being asked how the hell he thought that bringing us Sarah Palin was a good idea. This week, however, the topic turned to pot, and guest panelist and Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus gave us all a renewed hatred for out of touch journalists.

The legalization of recreational marijuana sales that kicked in on January 1 in Colorado has prompted a boom in pot tourism despite the continuing refusal by the State of Colorado and the City of Denver to embrace and promote the cannabis industry.
More indications of this phenomenon can be seen in the increasing number of marijuana-themed conventions and events — and not just around 4/20. Witness the Colorado Cannabis Summit, taking place later this month. And it’s far from the last major get-together of its kind. The conference gets underway at 8 a.m. on May 22 at the Exdo Event Center. Here’s how Stan Wagner, event CEO and head of Red Thread Creative Group, hypes it.
An Italian anti-war protester, and his ammunition

Besides being home to countless fine restaurants, museums, and theatres, Vicenza, Italy is also the location for U.S. Army Base Del Din and Camp Ederle, home to the U.S. Army Africa, the regional U.S. Army Garrison, and the 173d Airborne Brigade.
In 2004, the U.S. military announced its intention to expand the base to take over a nearby abandoned airport by the name of Dal Molin. Besides some minimal resistance during a change in leadership, the Italian government was on board with the base expansion. It was not until two years later however, in 2006, that the general public was made aware of the Americans’ plans, and a resistance was born.

Peter Reynolds
By James Collins
Peter Reynolds — of the United Kingdom cannabis law reform group CLEAR — is back in rare form once again, threatening to sue people. I know, that doesn’t sound like news. In fact, it can’t be news, because the root word in news is “new” — and Peter is a dog that just can’t get the hang of new tricks.
He has in the past threatened to sue just about everyone, from Alan Wyllie from Politics UK, to the publishers of this site, all the way to former members of CLEAR, including the fellow who set up their rather slick online presence.
Yes, the guy who set up the CLEAR web site is now part of the effort to expose Peter Reynolds. Peter is currently riding the coattails of a man who now despises him. How sad is that?
The latest outburst from Peter “The Redactor” Reynolds is uniquely hostile. He has newly threatened — amongst others — an autistic student, a man in a wheelchair, a successful businessman, and while I haven’t been privy to such a communication, I wouldn’t be surprised if he threatened David Cameron with legal action as well.

Madame Noire
Mayor Svante Myrick, Ithaca, N.Y.: “New York should lead on this issue just as we led on repealing alcohol prohibition”

Svante Myrick, the mayor of Ithaca, New York, announced on Tuesday that he thinks it’s time to legalize marijuana. The 25-year-old elected official’s announcement comes one month after voters in Colorado and Washington strongly approved measures legalizing marijuana. 
“Despite having arrested over 20 million people for marijuana nationally — a number larger than the entire population of New York State — marijuana prohibition has failed to make our communities safer,” Mayor Myrick announced exclusively to the organization Marijuana Majority. “By legalizing and regulating marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol we can free up our already overburdened courts and law enforcement agencies to focus on serious and violent crime.

Sharon Letts

By Sharon Letts
After just a few weeks of ingesting raw cannabis and taking Nternal oil at night, the spider-web-like mass found in my left breast during both a mammogram and subsequent ultra-sound, was nowhere to be found during the first scheduled biopsy. 
While there was still a target point for a biopsy, and the oncologist wanted to proceed, I made a deal and bought another month of time. I continued to ingest a green drink made with cannabis in a blender daily, and began ingesting RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), also known as Phoenix Tears, nightly.
During the second scheduled biopsy one month later, the “target point” was gone, with the attending physician declaring, “No biopsy needed.”

All photos by Sharon Letts
The Bud Sister’s Pain Relief Salve, infused with lemongrass

Lotions, Salves & Oils… Oh, my!
By Sharon Letts
“Why would you put something in your mouth, you can’t swallow?” my friend asked, showing me the label of a trusted tube of toothpaste. 
It was 1975. I was 16, she was 17, and the “Clean Air & Water Acts” were in effect, opening up a whole new topic of conversation at home…. How would we make our own difference? Shortly after that conversation I bought my first tube of “Tom’s of Maine” (Fennel) toothpaste, and have not looked back.
Around that same time my mom gave me my first bottle of fancy face lotion – “Oil of Olay.” The glass bottle of thin, pink cream with its black cap seemed elegant and French to my young, impressionable mind. It smelled good, was soft on my face, and I had seen it in magazines. It must have been alright, right?
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